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Saturday, 24 December 2016


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Happy Christmas, Mike.
(It's just past midnight in the UK.)

Thanks, Mike. It's nice to be thought of.

I hope you have a pleasant holiday, if you celebrate one.

Mike, a correction (or two):
The 25th of Kislev actually coincides with December 25, this year. Just as the night of December 24 is Christmas Eve, the night of Kislev 24 is the eve of Kislev 25, which is the first day of Chanukah. A 24-hour "day" in the Hebrew calendar officially begins at the preceding sundown, so the candles for the first day of Chanukah are lit the night before.
Also, the Menorah that is most commonly depicted in Jewish art and artifacts typically has seven branches, after the one that was used in the temple at Jerusalem. The one used on Channukka has nine.

I have mixed feelings about Joe Holmes's photographs. I love how good they are, but they put my own mediocre efforts in too sharp relief. Naturally, I blame him for that. The problem is that Joe covers a lot of the same ground that I do when I'm out and about with a camera (New York City). So when I look at his work, I see lots of places I've been and scenes that I've encountered, or rather could have encountered if I had more gumption, only they look way better in his pictures than in mine.

In fact, I've thought about him many times in the past month as I see Christmas Tree vendors all over the city. He did a nice series of portraits of them a few years back. It almost goes without saying that I have never made a good picture of one.

I've mentioned it in previous comments, but I wrote a short profile of Joe for Rob Galbraith's now-shuttered web site, if anyone wants to learn a little bit more about Joe (although parts of the piece are a bit dated).

Happy Chanukah and Festive Greetings to all.

Mike and Eamon, you're too sweet -- thanks!

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