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Wednesday, 02 November 2016


Mike, to the best of my knowledge I don't have an ad-blocker, but there are no ads visible at the bottom of this post, and when I scroll down the ones that were there a few days ago have also vanished.

not seeing anything and I don't use an ad blocker

I don't see any ads, and I'm not using an ad blocker.


I ordered two flashlights. They will be fun Christmas gifts for my wife and daughter for our annual camping holiday.

I don't mind the ads and at a minimum I would suggest you continue to display the Amazon search box. Question for you, does (my) Amazon Prime membership affect your ability to receive credit for my purchases?

I have no ad-blocker but I don't see the ads.

Interesting. I had to add TOP to my allowed pop-ups list (I don't use an ad-blocker. Yet) to get the adverts.

Hmm, don't see them, but I do see the one's farther down.

In Chrome, on a Widows 10 PC, with no ad blocker, and with your last ad still visible, I don't see this one. Your curated ads are fine by me, so I thought you would like to know all this.

A word of advice after having any number of long, time-consuming pieces of writing sucked into a black hole by buggy web forms, corporate tools, and the like: For any significant composition, do it in a well-trusted tool that hasn't been prone to giving you problems (a good word processor, or textedit on the Mac, Notepad on Windows, etc. and saving often) and then copy-paste it into the web form or other not-so-trusted tool. It adds an extra step, but a short one that's infinitely preferable to risking losing the entire thing to a capricious computer program. I've saved myself a lot of wasted hours by doing so.

[I'd gotten lax about this since TypePad added autosave. But I guess you have to save it yourself first one time before the autosave starts working. And wouldn't you know, the first time I went to save it, I got a 404 error. Blitzed and gone. Ya hate that. --Mike]

The tote bag! Gotta have a gift option for supporters. Or, a TOP coffee mug.

Every day, in every way, the internet is becoming less and less safe. So no-one gets white listed—sorry 'bout that.

Google has become so good at tracking, and selling my 'net travels that it is scary. If I see another recommended for you tag I'll p̶u̶k̶e̶ vomit.

MacOS Sierra now includes ApplePay for internet purchases, so that's one less worry.

Why not just fix the problem at your end? How hard would it be to just display the ad of the day as a separate post with comments disabled? Also Amazon is in the business of generating money, they surely won't allow TypePad to get in their way—talk to them.

Why not sell T-shirts with welknown Mike aphorisms ... just sayin'

Maybe a parasol with a photo of Butters. Sorta like this Marc Riboud photo http://www.theemptyquarter.com/wp-content/uploads/Between-East-West-2.jpg Expand your market, sell to people who love cute animals, but have no interest in photography. I'm thinking of doing one with a shot of the Rev. Scrub Hansen.

Would you send some lens suggestions to the people filming the Chinese open?

Mike, a comfortable recliner, good music and an adult beverage helps.

I couldn’t figure out the toy posts, until I realized that my browser has an ad blocker. It really works. Perhaps to reach us blockheads, you should include manual links even when you can get the Amazon ads to work.

As for the lost post, which I’m sure was brilliant, you should compose them on a word processor, then copy and paste to Typepad. I trust that you will remember to hit “save” first.

Mike, I am sorry to hear you lost a complete post. Don't you use TimeMachine on your Apple machine? It's such an effective safety net when something like this happens.

[I do use Time Machine, but I compose in the TypePad template in my browser, which Time Machine doesn't save. --Mike]

I see the ads just fine on a MacBook Air running Firefox. And I highly recommend Sally Mann's book in the link. Great read.

My partner works for the company that fulfills the NPR orders for the local stations' pledge drives--the most successful gift is the Nina Totenbag, a tote bag named for NPR correspondent, Nina Totenberg.

Three computers sitting side by side with no ad blockers. Two show the ads. One does not.

In my experience, trying to make software work can be an enormous time-suck. Like games but not as much fun.

For next time: levitating bluetooth speakers!!!


I want to see your "Satire Alert" posts on our candidates in the US. [...] With less than a week left to worry, a healthy dose of your satire would be helpful.

Weren't you talking about moving off of typepad and onto another platform a while back?

I saw the ads yesterday early in the morning, then later they were gone. Now that I got your attention, I am waiting for you to talk about the 7200, please

I am familiar with that saying about how anything than can happen will happen. Somehow I missed the part about all the weird outliers happening in 2016.

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