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Tuesday, 01 November 2016


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I see no ads on my iPad. Nor do I see an empty space.

Does this promotion for November have to go through Amazon, or will using the B&H link on your site still work towards your $ goals? I plan to buy a new computer in the near future, but I much prefer B&H to Amazon.

I use Ghostery to block trackers. Ghostery by default is blocking your ads, and there isn't even an indication that the ads are missing. I've whitelisted TOP now so I'll see the ads (first time I've tried to see ads). Hopefully others will do the same to help you out. You might want to put some small text above or below the ads indicating we can help you by buying through the ads. Then we'd have an indication we were missing them for some reason.


Your wryly describing Ken Rockwell and DigitalRev as your (blogger) “heroes," has lead me to create a blogging theorem which states: the quality of the blog writing and contents are inversely proportional to the revenue they generate for the blogger.
There are a few---too few--- other sites which support the idea.

Keep up the great work. It reminds me of a great Los Angeles Times writer from the past named Jack Smith. Like you, I read him first thing in the morning every day.

Best wishes.

George Andros

Could you do a daily "TOP 5" ads on the left, below the "Patrons" but above the "Recent Posts"? Like for the printer post, links to the printer, papers, etc? Cameras, lenses, are kind of obvious, but wrist straps, or camera bags, etc? in other words, a couple of impulse buy items....

I kept wondering what ads you were talking about. I didn't see a thing. Then I remembered that I'm using an ad blocker (uBlock) that not only blocks the ads but makes the entire ad space disappear. Your posts all looked pre-ad to me.

But I've gotten into the habit of unblocking pages that I want to support, so I've unblocked TOP. That alone doesn't help you, Mike, because you get paid when people actually buy things on Amazon, not just view the ads or merely click through. But if I see the ads, I'm surely more likely to make my next Amazon purchase through the TOP links.

All of this to remind the other ad-blocker users to whitelist TOP.

Hi Mike. OK, so unlike your sponsor badges and shopping links, I had to turn off my ad blocker to see these. Might be worth a reminder in the post.

As long as you're mucking around in the plumbing, and it being the holiday season, now might be a good time to ask if you would look into using Amazon's "Smile" URL for your links. "Smile" is Amazon's charitable shop-to-give program, and you'll want to double check, but it seems affiliate commissions work the same way, no additional paperwork required (other than modifying the URL).

Here's their FAQ on the topic:


(For shoppers, we register our favorite charities to get a cut of our purchases. Clicking through our favorite affiliates still gives them their cut, but the affiliate needs to change their URL for the charity to get it's cut. At least that's my understanding.)

So, if it's not too much hassle, I hope you can look into it some time. Maybe you'd rather try it on just one or two ads/links at first. I suspect advertising the change would be an incentive at this time of year, and, obviously, you'd be helping the charities.

Thanks. And, as always, thanks for all the work you do to keep the show going. (Well, not so much a show as a clean, cozy, well-lighted gathering place, with an interesting show on.)

If Ken Rockwell is one of your heros', than copy how he makes money from his site—put up a Beg Button. No shame in that.

Either I've gotten here too early, or Chrome's built-in adblocker does a really good job. I see no ads!

Maybe I'm just so desensitized that I'm becoming ad-blind... wouldn't that be choice for an ex-advertising guy?

Ads? What ads? Don't see any Amazon ads - just the usual B&H etc sidebar links.

I don't often look at the side columns, so for people like me, can you have a post a day that is just adverts? There would be no reason for updates, alterations, or comments, and so no need to rewrite the code.

It looks like this is a TypePad problem. I always run ad-blockers, but Ken Rockwell's Beg Button and all his links work. You B&H button appears, but none of your new Amazon ads do.

I read a lot of blogs, mostly non-photo, and they all seem to be able to do what you want. I'd check with both TypePad and Amazon. Amazon may have a work-around already.

Now I need to find a way to block like-me-on-FaceBook 8-)

I see your ads, but I like this archival box better:


So I will click on your B&H link and order!

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