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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


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Enjoy a Bar X Jumbo All-Wiener Butterbloat Turkey!


Q: Will the Butterbloat make me sleepy?
A: You're goin' down

Q: Which stuffing is best?
A: Since the all-wiener turkey is hollow you can fill it with the stuffing of your choice. "I like to use canned chili," says proud Bar X President Bill Whistlecod.

More at KNKX: http://knkx.org/post/food-thought-hey-mom-i-want-butterbloat-all-wiener-turkey

My fair city of Duluth has been staging a war against Thanksgiving for over 50 years. The week before Thanksgiving they hold a large Christmas parade, very popular, and I just don't understand it. Might as well do it in July.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

I'm with you on this one -- Christmas has gotten out of hand. And with Halloween pressing from the other side poor Thanksgiving just doesn't get the room it deserves.

I like that Thanksgiving can be secular, but don't forget that what we now call christmas has ancient roots and is also a form of thanks.

Christmas was of course a pagan mid-winter festival, for many thousands of years. A time to ease the long winter nights with a celebration of stored foods. Christians attempting to impose their religion on the locals simply found it easier to appropriate a popular festival for themselves by re-inventing it as their saviour's 'birthday' (which it could not have been, even if the biblical mythical figure did exist) and incorporating pagan rituals still to this day (mistletoe). Ditto easter (pagan spring festival, rebirth - hence the egg), the great 'flood' which pre-dates the Noah story(Sumerian I think?), etc.

Good call, Mike , you're on a roll: first the new monitor and now carving out time enough to count your blessings and to actually BE thankful!

One of the things I'm personally thankful for, and which I return to almost every day, is this marvelous blog of yours. Thanks for all you do to keep it going ~ and thanks for assembling both your rich feast of presenters and for making room for the rest of us to pitch in, too!

It is such a useful blessing, and such a heartening gathering of like minded, mostly unmet, worldwide riends.

Happy Thanksgiving to us all,

Your unmet, 12th gen. Bradford cousin,


Great idea, Enjoy your days off, you deserve it!

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you. Enjoy your day(s).

"I'm a supporter of the Resistance in Christmas's relentless War Against Thanksgiving."

I second the motion

Where I am we give thanks that there is no Thanksgiving. We are starting to get that Black Friday syndrome as well as that Halloween thing. We used to get Guy Fawkes Night and Empire Day but time and patriotic allegiances move on.

Have you noticed that last Friday, not next Friday, has already seen some Black Friday specials. One was 50% off on some good used photo gear, but not what I need, so... But I expect the Blackening to move a week earlier every year now.

I'm opposed to Christmas participants' relentless war against common sense and decency. "Black Friday" (a dark and mysterious term) being a prime example.

When did the focus change from the needy to the greedy?


The first piece of Christmas advertising I got this year arrived by email just before Labor Day.

My proposal: have twelve Christmas's, one a month, so that the onslaught can run on all year long …


What is Black Friday - and why do we suddenly have it here in the UK? Sounds like some kind of weekly plague

Mike, happy thanksgiving and have a nice holiday!

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