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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


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Ordered the book on the first day of the sale, and it arrived one day last week. It arrived in great shape, and looks fantastic. I justified the purchase as a Christmas gift for myself, so I had to promise I wouldn't actually dive in until the 25th (although I did sneak a peek or two!). Let's see, how many more days is that?

Saw the exhibition when it was in Philly. Had the book first, Christmas present from my wife. Worth the effort, if you can make it.

Barnes Museum has a special exhibition going on now, French photographs largely from the Impressionist period. Also worth the trip. No specific catalog, though. The bookstore offers individual volumes of HCB, Brassai, Kertesz, et al, most of which I already had. First encounter with Ilse Bing's work - a find. Meanwhile, to make the trip to Philly more enticing, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts has photography by Thomas Eakins, who I knew only as a painter.

Is the "Hallmark" collection intact, or has it been broken up?

Just a shout-out to the staff at Nelson-Atkins. When I called and left a message concerning the delivery of my book, they called back very shortly and were genuinely concerned about it also. Turned out it was in the held mail the Post Office was saving for me while I was out of town. Great customer service! Much appreciated.

Just want to say, I got my book over on Monday. The reproductions of the daguerreotypes are wonderful. So much detail and such Nineteenth Century faces! Really wonderful.

Got mine -- a lovely book!

My book arrived on Monday. Big shout-out to Mike and the museum for helping me put quality material in my classroom. The packaging was superb and it arrived in stellar condition.

Just received mine and am blown away by the printing and binding.
A really beautiful book. Thank you for the tip, Mike.

I keep telling myself that I need to replace my 2008 Mac Pro. It does everything I need it to do. It has 24gb of memory and 2 quad core Xenon server processors at 2.8ghz, 4 internal HDD's totaling 12 TB of memory, A PCIE SSD as the main system drive, a 1 GB video card. Runs all my programs relatively fast, and in fact I can have 10 or 15 open at a time. But still I keep looking at the 5K iMac's and tell myself I'll use the old Mac Pro as a server with all the drives still on board and then I'll really be happy. So far I decide I'd be happier not spending $2.5K!!!

I'm proud to be one of the 385.
I'm grateful to you for getting us this incredible book deal.
I'm "knee deep" into "The Origins of American Photography" and am enjoying it very much.
Thank you again!

-- John Masters

Just got the Dave Heath book and it is wonderful! Highly recommended to all TOP readers.

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