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Friday, 11 November 2016


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Hi Mike,

Facebook has always been a little confusing to me, given they change the rules a lot. Maybe one of your learned readers can succinctly give some guidance on ways to use facebook for photography sites. My concern has centered on assignment of copyright. What am I giving up would be another way to look at it.

Sounds like you are doing well. That's great.


Oh, so Butters reached up and stole some of your your breakfast, eh? Good dog, good dog...

I have absolutely no idea how these "Facebook likes" work but on the few occasions I have "liked" a product (to get a discount) I have been taken to the Facebook site. That doesn't happen with your button. On your Facebook page it says you have 61 likes but none in the lsat week so I don't see how your button is driving traffic.

[The button is supposed to take people to their own Facebook pages, where they can comment about the post and publish a link for their friends. I don't have any direct confirmation that that's what's happening, but that's what's supposed to happen. --Mike]

I'm glad to read that you're laying off politics for awhile; not that your views upset me - they don't - it's just that they're distracting and predictable. I was sure there'd be something here about Trump after the election, and I was right. At least I've got a sense of when to avoid TOP. Much rather read about photo and art, the Finger Lakes region, even coffee and your dog. Anything but politics.

Google+ is google's version of facebook. A like there is like a facebook like. Oddly, I connect with more photographers on Google+ than Facebook.

(not on facebook)

First you say: ...and something called "Reblog," which I think means "steal this." then you say: The button is supposed to take people to their own Facebook pages, where they can comment about the post and publish a link for their friends. A reblogger is a kind of curator. Instead of a troublesome link, he posts the article on his site, to be seen his likeminded friends. If you want to go viral, a reblog is much better than a link. Think of reblogging as a modern day internet version of the Readers Digest.

The much hated Pinterest, is just another way to bring attention to things. You could have Pin-ed today's Gibson photo as a Gibson fan, or you could have Pin-ed your latest Sale Photo as a businessman. A lot of artists and business' Pin their own work.

Disclaimer. I do not have a FaceBook account, But I do have a little used G+ site, and an evenmore seldom used Pinterest account. Now that I'm retired, I may use Pinterest to create a small amount of buzz for my hobby photos—but for that to work I'd have to activate my Tumblr, and make a web site 8-)

When I clicked the Like button it only increments the # by one here but I checked my FB page and there's nothing there except in my activity log on FB it shows I liked the post and gives a link. Perhaps other friends on FB see that I liked this and might come look. More testing to do. Film at 11.

I'm in Safari on iPad (up to date) and the tweet button works but the fb button just increases the number on this page. Maybe a iOS thing, I'll try on the Mac.

The Twitter button is an absolute. Glad you added it. Anything that smells of FB I ignore.

Also stop saying you're just a writer and not a programmer. Nobody is a programmer and if you really are a programmer you probably should stay away from designing a blog. What you do with the blog has to do with usability. And believe me after 35 years in the computer industry (Since retired.) I saw a lot of UI designed by engineers that were totally unusable.

I suggest you just try out different things on your blog and if they work then leave them and if they don't then delete them.

I don't want to get into an argument but G+ has become something like Flickr. Mostly photos and committees (Groups.) I stopped using it because updating a photo was not possible. But still its not that bad of a photo site.

When I clicked the Facebook "like" button you added, the count it displayed incremented by one but I didn't get taken to my Facebook page of have any opportunity directly to comment. That makes sense; "like" on Facebook is just a counter. My Facebook activity log (that's a regular Facebook feature, not something special) shows that a Facebook like was recorded.

So...I'm not sure my Facebook friends are really getting the article promoted to them, though if they come to it, they'll at least see the "like" count.

"Share" is the Facebook term for "post a link to an article here, and have a discussion thread on it here", which is what I do (manually) when I think one of your articles might suit my Facebook friend group.

Wait, nobody is a programmer? Apparently I have been shockingly misinformed. I hope this doesn't mean I have to give all the money back.

"Butters needs a little discipline refresher this morning, and he and I have work to do."

Note to Butters:
'Just do it until you get used to it.'

Best definition of Facebook I've heard: "It's like a door on a restroom stall that won't stay closed."

Happy to hear that you count your readers opinion. I appropriate the decision. Add a "Like" is needed to know your readers reaction about the post. It will help you determine either this post is helpful for the audience or not. It will increase the social engagement of the website.

The Like buttons are not showing up for me. I'm using Firefox 48.0.2 on a MacBook Pro.

I probably won't ever use a Facebook Like button because I don't use Facebook anymore. (Facebook is so boring and full of ads.) But you should know that not everyone is seeing the buttons.

"... I'll be declaring a moratorium on politics ..."

Glad you're back from the ledge!

After your rant the other day, I thought you'd lost your wallet or something.

We've still got the other two branches of government to serve as checks and balances, Trump wasn't elected dictator for life, working with Congress will mean slow progress as usual, etc.

Consider the possibility that Trump might have been full of bluster simply to win the election and will be more measured as President. We should judge him by what he does as president, not by reading blogs.

Anyhow, welcome back, Mike.

I'm ready for your photography-related stories/posts.

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