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Thursday, 17 November 2016


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I sent you the link to this. It was in the Times Literary Supplement, believe it or not.

I have no clue about its veracity, but my favorite Einstein story goes like this:

Einstein was walking across the Princeton campus one day when he ran in to an acquaintance.

After a short chat, and as they were about to part ways, Einstein asks his friend "Which way was I headed?".

The friend points the way and Einstein replies "Aah then, I must have already had lunch.".

Fascinating, thank you so much! Very glad indeed to learn of Edis. I don't know if I'll get to the show but I should try, and there's still time. Best wishes, Nick

I live in Norwich and will be visiting the exhibition hopefully this weekend. I''ll report back when I do.


even though the socks did not match, I bet he had another pair just like the ones he was wearing.

Hi Mike,
I've been curious about absentmindedness for a while, and I think it's different from aging related difficulties. I think it is caused by the working memory store being overwhelmed by trying to pull in and push out too many different things. The conventional idea is that we have five plus or minus two slots for pushing data into and out of short term memory as we work with it. Having to deal with a complex or unsolvable problem - like understanding grief - takes up a bunch of slots, and sometimes other stuff gets pushed out and dropped or written to memory incorrectly. Like being unable to remember where you parked after coming out from a job interview.

It would be interesting to see if people who do things like jump horses (can't let your mind wander on the way to the jump), or Zen Buddhism, or other concentration heavy practices have better luck with this sort of thing. Somehow they are able to clear out their working memory and yet still have things in a "saved state" to come back to later.

[Trecento, re concentration, there's a truism out there that race car drivers have better reflexes than most people. Some researchers actually tested this once, and found that race car drivers' reflexes are no better than anyone else's--the big difference is that their ability to focus continuously--to concentrate--is off the charts, measured in hours, whereas for most people it is measured in minutes. I thought that was interesting. --Mike]

An elderly couple were lying in bed watching TV, when the wife said to the husband, "I sure would like some Ice cream." The husband agreed and got up to go to the kitchen. "Write it down so you don't forget" she cautioned him. "It's just a bowl of ice cream, how could I forget?. A long time passes and then finally he returns. On a large tray, he brings her, eggs, bacon, toast, jelly, juice, coffee etc. All the trimmings. She looks up and says, "I told you to write it down, you forgot the hash browns"

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