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Saturday, 12 November 2016


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I can not see any discount on this book. I used the code 12555 and nothing happens, it stays at $65.00

Okay, okay... I ordered it. Thanks for the reminder and the great deal.

Same problem, entered 12555, no luck. Got no book, so sad.

I ordered on the first day. Would you know whether they have begun shipping?

[Hi Mike, the shipping starts on Monday, i.e., two days from now. --Mike]

@Bob -

The discount doesn't show up until the very last screen where you actually place the order. It confused me, too.

Bob, For some reason, the discount doesn't appear until you've entered your credit card information.

Bob, The discount does not appear until you place the order. I know, it's a matter of faith... :)

"I seriously need a new computer...it took fifteen minutes to get this one started this morning."

Hope you've tested your bootable clone recently, or at least ensure you are all backed up via time machine!

Have these shipped yet? Don't have mine yet and placed order on the first day of the sale.

[Hi Lindsay, as I understand it, the majority of the books already ordered will be shipped on Monday. --Mike]

Mike, thanks for this. Ordered the book. Appreciate your encouragement and curation of the real treasures.

Congratulations to both you and your son for his academic achievement. Having been a single parent myself I understand the work, sacrifice and worry that went into this.

Looking forward to receiving this book. Just posted this post's permalink on my FB page; hope it helps.

I received mine about a week ago. I've read just a little so far, but I'm impressed by the rapidity with which photography in America developed once details of Daguerre's process arrived from Europe. That includes improvements in the chemical process itself and in cameras. One actually used a curved mirror in lieu of a lens for more light-gathering!

I'd like to order the book but it keeps requesting a password which
I don't have and when i requested a password...no response.
Please advise. My email as you can see is [email protected].



Tried the promo code on Saturday and again today and it still came up at $65. Did I miss the deadline?

no success. Password problems. Maybe you can fix this or no book for me

Really a awesome book for photographers. I will buy it ASAP. Thanks for this post.

Thank you so very much for this Mike!
I have an old copy of the "first" book. It's the size of my college physics and engineering texts. A beast, but I'm the kind of person who can slog through such a monster and enjoy it.
I've read it cover to cover a couple of times over the years and many flip-throughs as well.
To get the Origins:1839-1885 companion for $32.50 is a steal, and I'm looking forward to slogging through this beast as well.

As to getting the discount, when first putting the book in the cart and trying to apply the code and "recalculate" it failed for me as well.
You'll need to create a login/password to the site and enter credit card information before it will allow you to successfully apply the $32.50 discount.
This worked to get the discount: 1. Put new book in cart, 2. Go through next pages to get a login/password to the site, 3. enter credit card info, and 4. arrive at page with cart again, but instead of clicking the "Submit Order" button, click on the "Change Order button." This will take you back to a whats-in-my-cart page, where the discount code blank is available again. 5. Enter discount code of 12555 and click to go to next window, and you will see that the discount has been given and you can safely click on "Submit Order" successfully.

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