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Monday, 07 November 2016


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There is truth in what he says,, very unhappy about Apple these days, their arrogance knows no bounds and they are obsessed with thin. Taking away a CD writer, Headphone jack and now the sd slot and Usb connection makes everything they make less usable. I waited for the new Mac Book Pro and saw no use for it and bought a refurbished old model for $500.00 off. I do not know anyone who has a Thunderbolt drive. GB.

Yep :-). Put the sound off if you understand Spanish... you lose the laugh but it's funny nonetheless.

Just so folks are clear....this is a meme.

"Many of us have been talking our way around this issue for the past week without directly confronting it, so I feel like now’s as good a time to address it as any: Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops are not designed for professional use."


Funny and true. Everyone at Apple should be made to watch this. Particularly Mr. God of Design.

As someone who has both friends and relatives with hispanics last names, I find this video to be in bad taste. Apparently your milage does vary.

I sure hope someone sends this to Tim Cook!

I have to wait until Jan 2017 to purchase (for tax reasons) but I'm hoping to get one of the old ones.

I speak Spanish- it is still funny.

Tim "Dongle" Cook?

Brilliant, Mike, thanks for posting it. Apple has lost it. One of he great beauties of a laptop is the fact that you carry just one item around. One of the great failings of Mbps over the years (and I live on them) is the LACK of ports -- two USBs? not nearly enough but we struggle through. Now Apple is taking it all to a new level of stupidity. Hey, Apple, it would have been simpler to just tell us we are a mob of sucked in fools dreaming of a great past. But then, why would they take the easy path? These are the people who think wrist watches are cool.

Cheers, Geoff

Oh. My. Lord. I really needed that laugh. Thanks Mike.

Watch this every morning and you'll never have a bad day. Unless you're in need of another dongle.

This guy recognizes marketing talk when he sees it. Did it when Bowie's record company 'discovered' an unreleased album.


I don't find anything bad taste with the video, frankly. Bit annoying as it has been repeated ad nauseum.

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