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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


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Although my favourite snooker player is Neil Robertson, I have no qualms recognizing Liang is brilliant. And he seems to be quite a likeable guy too.
I didn't care for snooker until I started watching the main championships on Eurosport. I'm no couch potato, but I can watch snooker for hours.
Snooker is very challenging, as it requires a mathematical brain and an accute tactical sense (as well as skill, of course). It's a bit like chess, in that you have to think of the next several moves ahead. Surely it can get boring when they hide the cue ball or systematically play for the black ball, but overall it is never less than fascinating to see the players' minds in action.

The only thing that I used to know about snooker was that it was mentioned occasionally in Andy Capp cartoons. Now I spend too much time watching games on the internet and fantasize about building a room on the house just for a snooker table. It is of course, all your fault :-).

Does anyone else remember the Communist Party player, Inoff the Red?
: )

frame 8

or that night here in the UK when to everyones amazement Dennis Taylor, the journeyman, after a mammoth struggle beat the, at that time, invincible Steve Davis.
What a match .....

And this epic final frame of the 1985 final is available on youtube!

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