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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


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And speaking as a Canadian, "You're welcome!"

The Canadians would be better served to start a campaign to get border crossing types to be more polite and courteous. Then maybe they can prevail on the US border jerks to follow suit.
Both sides are rude as hell along too many of the crossings from Montana throught Minnesota. Don't know about the rest of the border. Maybe Donald will set it right when he builds "The Wall" on the Canadian border?

Perhaps the Donald can appoint Scott Walker as Chief of Northern Walls? He suggested that during his short lived campaign.

I've never had any rude incidents crossing the Canadian border from Upstate NY to Michigan. Everyone has been great... And thanks for the videos!

wOw, that felt darn good!!
Thank you to the producers.

PS: This election has compelled me to change my party status for the first time ever."The Times They Are A-Changin'."

Friendly neighbors...? Or are they concerned that the poisonous atmosphere down here may drive many of us north?


Just don't ask us (antipodeans) to choose between you.

. I don't know if you're aware of this, but our neighbors in Canada have started a small movement to help us buck up.

They really are nice people aren't they, Mike?

You could drive over easily and thank them on our behalf. Toronto is the other great North American city that is only a four hour drive away from you. Fall is a nice time for a long drive, but I understand that this year, frequent rain has put the kibosh on the colors up there. Is this true?

A minor anecdote. I used the term "buck up" in front of some twenty- year-olds. They looked completely blank—they had never heard the term before. They were a literate bunch—English majors—but I suspect they are unacquainted with "put the kibosh on", too.

This happens to me every so often, maybe twice a year or so. I suppose we carry with us, as we age, the dialect predominant in our youth.

If I'm around a couple of more decades I expect youngsters will be coming around to hear me speak just for amusement value.

Hi, Mike,
Those wily Canadians have been attempting to cheer us up for some time now, and I'm grateful for it. Here's another little bit of Canadian fun. https://youtu.be/sCyzdD0vYOw

America has survived bad presidents before, and a long steak of good presidents is coming to an end. We'll check back 4 years from now.

Read about this on npr, but didn't watch the video. It's good to take a break from the murder and mayhem on the nightly news and take a walk outdoors (with camera) to take in the goodness, interact with other people.

[Some of the Blue Jays fans should watch the video! ;) ]

I live in Ottawa. Stop watching those TV "debates". Come visit us anytime. Walk around, smile, try to stay warm, take pictures. It's turning out to be a good year for fall colours, the season is lasting longer than usual, but winds and rain in the last couple of days are threatening that. Rush hour is a pain, but if you can avoid that you'll be fine.

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