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Friday, 21 October 2016


It has its share of poor articles but The Guardian is one of the few publications left worthy of the name NEWSpaper.

I like that series: If I'd bern smarter I would have told you about it.

I'm not sure, but I reckon the Leonard Cohen one might have reticulation (the girl's face in particular looks too large-scale to be grain): it's funny how something that would have filled me with horror in a neg of mine 20 years ago now seems rather attractive. The more I look at endless digital perfection the more I want to spend time with my hands wet.

Mike, while you're at it, check out the Guardian's obituary of Wolf Suchitsky (sp), a wonderful photographer and talented DOP.

I'm lucky enough to own a few of his lovely photos of London in the thirties. Great body of work.

I liked the one with the panda and child. A brilliant headline to match the photo; "Periodically, the panda used to lose its temper and go berserk." Har!

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