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Friday, 16 September 2016


Hmmm... here in southwestern NH, Sept. and Oct. are prepayment for the blah gray landscape of Nov. and Dec.

Usually, there is snow on the ground by Jan. and the lakes and wetlands are frozen. Thus, one can make interesting winter landscapes from vantage points that are not usually (or easily) accessible. The same conditions hold for February and sometimes into March.

My advice... buy a pair of snowshoes and embrace the winter landscape!

A pair of crampon-like "ice walkers" are also a good investment. They work better than snowshoes on windswept ice.

Landscapes that are usually viewed from near water level (in a canoe or kayak) are quite different when viewed while standing on the surface of a frozen lake.

Additionally, without leaves on the trees one gets a much different view of the terrain. This, too, often makes for different photos.

Funny. I tend to think that fall colors are best photographed in black and white :)

Life is good! Thank you Mike.

Good for You! It's great to see you enjoying the wonderful early fall.
Soak it up, it's like charging the battery.
I agree with Frank above, the winter has a great deal to offer as well.
the light is different as well as the landscape.
I'm waiting for some pix of your wonderful skinny lake.

PS You know you have to buy a cheap leica that shoots B&W Film.....

Yes, we are coming into a magical time, aren't we? (I think I need to head down your way soon - maybe a jaunt nous deux?)

When I got the Rolleiflex I was pretty determined it would be for b&w only. But ...

I bet it is a great place to photograph and look forward to some views. I have never visited the area, but spent a summer and part of a winter in Michigan's Upper Peninsula which was full of beautiful landscapes. Wishing you a restful, yet productive (writing) weekend.

Ahhh...a place with four actual seasons that one can identify by meana other than a calendar. I so miss that even though I live in what is commonly believed to be the only country with four distinct seasons.

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