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Friday, 02 September 2016


Well, there's a great road trip idea for October. I just looked it up, maybe 3.5 hour road trip for us if you don't factor in the border, and we have Nexus cards, which helps a lot.

A very tempting proposition. Next time in the US I'll have it in mind.
Spent a few days vacation in NYC last week and took up a suggestion by one of your readers recently to view the sunset from atop the Rockefeller Centre. A lovely idea, but, oh dear, my $30 admission, plus same for each of three daughters, had us herded around like cattle because of the hundreds of folk with the same idea.Composing a picture hampered by the myriad smart phones being waved around on outstretched arms...apart from that the five days were most enjoyable.

I stayed with Laurel and Llewelyn. I can affirm that it's a good experience.

In case he was too modest to tell you, Dave L actually invented the genre of "nudes on rocks." ;-)

"A night's stay", Mike? I checked the site, very impressive place, but not for "a night's stay" -- the rooms are minimum of two nights. Which is fine, just saying. :)

Cheers, Geoff

Please pay no attention to my good friend, Dave Rudin. He seems to never tire of making that statement. Everyone knows that Anne Brigman is the inventor of "nudes on rocks" (and "nudes in trees"). She is one of my many inspirations.

And, Geoff, we stayed at the B&B for just one night. It wasn't a problem.

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