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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


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Speaking of OSHA, where's that guys safety lanyard?

So long as you're off-topic:

Why do cars have tachometers when fewer than 5% of cars sold in the US have manual transmissions? This assumes that one uses a tachometer for maximum performance, to judge when to up-shift. I'll guess that even when the automatic trans can be manually controlled, few drivers use that feature ... or perhaps even know how.

Well, well, the roofer doesn't seem to use a safety rope, probably thinks if it's a church then god will save him.

Isn't that similar to taking photos while standing on railway tracks?

To show my dedication to TOP, I watched it.
Well part of it anyway.

I realized why a Honda Odyssey minivan (a vehicle that has no manual transmission option) had a tachometer when I test drove one. If the climate control system was running or the radio (or the DVD player, for that matter) was on, it was really hard to hear the engine, especially at idle.

We didn't buy one, but I've ridden in "luxury" cars that didn't have half the soundproofing that Odyssey did.

Ever stop to think about the name of that vehicle? In the Odyssey, it took the hero 20 years to get home, with the loss of all his companions.

My goodness – the builders have fitted sarking. I thought that was a construction detail confined to more northern latitudes. 'Sarking' is Scottish building term for boards placed over the rafters, into which the slates are nailed. From 'sark', a shirt, chemise or similar garment: c.f. 'cutty sark' which I recall we discussed a while ago.

You rotten sod, Mike. now in my mid-70s, I realize that I misspent my youth -- NOT playing pool. Instead I worked and slave and followed ambition, and in the end, it all more or less came to nothing and I can't even summon up a decent pool game to pass the time. I love watching it in low bars and such palces. Oh well.

Sarking? In Australia (and the islands where I live now) sarking is highly reflective foil we put under roofs and walls as the first step in insulation -- against the heat. It also prevents condensation from getting inside. And yes, those roofers should have safety harnesses and in Australia you aren't allowed to use ladders to go more than 2.5 meters up; then you have to have scaffolding. Mind you I had none of that when I built my adobe and recycled timber house in the rural area on the edge of Melbourne, Australia, in the early 1980s. Gawd, the risks I took. I can't believe it now.

Cheers, Geoff

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