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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Yup, this is about as low as we'll see prices for new Fuji lenses. The recent earthquake in Japan also impacted COGS for manufacturing.

Sigh. I was holding onto my wallet so well, ignoring the Siren call of the 100-400. Thanks, Mike.

Needless to say, the one current Fuji product I want (the x70) is not discounted. Dollars saved.

I am entirely irrational in my photographic wants. I am pretty rational when it comes to my actual photographic purchases, as dictated by available funds. That is why I won't even look at the Fuji X-T2 or its predecessor.

I am thankful that I bought my Fuji camera and lenses about two years ago when they went on sale and our Canadian dollar was stronger. Our dollar continues to be weak so replacing what I bought would cost 25-30% more today.

Same story for Sony, Nikon and others.

I went ahead and purchased the Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2 R APD Lens via your page. I had been looking for used, but the only one I found (hard to find used) was priced really close to the current on-sale price, but missing the ND8 filter Fuji includes. I think this lens will get harder to find so I pulled the trigger. I too am waiting for the 23mm f/2.

I'm right with StanleyK...while I have the Fuji XF23/1.4, I still would not give my X100T for anything. I love that camera.

Fujifilm risks collapsing a niche market by playing its customers like three card Monte suckers. Previous price increases backed up with more might well lead to some serious deals around the holidays, especially if sales droop after the current "deals"(sic)end. Not smart. Hoping for dusty X100Ts on sale in 4-5 months.

Because I just bought a new XE-1 for ¥35,800 that I had no need for (I bought it because no rational person could pass up a price like that) and then bought a 35mm f2 for it because I obviously needed a lens for the new camera, I'll continue to be rational and pay no attention to this.

Because such discounts are not available in Japan.

I have an X-T10, X-Pro1 and X100T. I have the XF 18-55 and 55-200mm zooms. I also have all of the original Fuji primes: 18, 35 and 60mm - plus the newer 27mm pancake. Perhaps these older primes don't focus as quickly as the new glass. But they'll have to do. Even at the current sale prices, it's all too rich for my taste these days. I suspect the gear-acquisition stage of my life is now over.

This seems to be particularly relevant to the interests of readers who are on the cusp of buying a portrait lens and who live in a country that's just dramatically tanked its own currency for no obvious rational return. Maybe I should order that 60mm sooner rather than later.


Mercy mercy, I have the X100t and the XT-1 with the 18/2, 27/2.8, 35/2 and the 90/2. So I am set.

I already spend far too much time deciding which lenses to take when I go out.

More lenses is the last thing I need. I may use the price hike as a good excuse to sell a few off at a reduced loss.

Dang it! I had no idea about the start or ending of Fuji's current "rebate" scheme. Upon learning about it here, however, I just had to find out the amount of price reduction on a lens I was coveting.

The lens was still priced crazy high (for me), so I looked in the used market and found one decently discounted and negotiated a slightly better discount.

It is due in tomorrow and I expect a week of enjoyment to be followed by a bout of buyer's remorse due to yet another hole in my bank account. So it goes.


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