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Saturday, 13 August 2016


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Well if you get to Troy, it's substantial Jewel is the Troy Music Hall, known for incredible acoustics, and one of the finest Organs i the country. You can also keep going to lovely Saratoga Springs.... but no one goes there in August....;- ))

Off fishing ourselves for a few weeks, good luck with everything.

Carl's last print sale was my favorite of your print sales... Really looking forward to it!!! Just make it in late September, please! I should be a bit more flush then :)

Spend a little time with a map and take some of the old roads between Albany and Troy. There's a vintage bridge in Troy...well, you'll know it when you see it. Also innumerable brick mill buildings, train stations that nobody has bothered to tear down, and some Victorian piles that would cost a zillion dollars to replicate.

If you're ever headed to the Boston area and have the time to burn, I'd recommend taking Route 2 between Albany and the Connecticut River. It's a nice driving road, and passes through a batch of lovely little towns. Don't miss the turnoff for Shelburne Falls.

I wonder if Carl is using the new Platinum Rag paper from Hahnemuhle.

oh man, if I didn't have the ball and chain of a real job I'd love to guide that tour, XPRO1/35f.2 in hand.

Enjoy your break, but dammit no TOP and no VSL at the same time...

First Thom, then Kirk, now you, everyone of my favorite writers on vacation and I'm still out here working!

I have a hard time looking at a city father statue with some Dutch angle and not seeing Robert Frank's St. Francis and the town hall in LA, or Lee Friedlander's monuments work. But there is a lot more to see in Albany. Did you get out to the SUNY campus, with its buildings that were originally designed for Islamabad?

There is only one thing to do when Mike and Kirk go on vacation, go on vacation too.

I've never thought of Albany as a photographer's town, perhaps because I associate it too much with the dysfunctional state government. And no, I've never been there, so what do I know.

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