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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Glorious here on SUNNY Dartmoor. 30 degrees ... Unheard of and all plans have gone out the window. Lying out on the deck watching Buzzards sore .....

No dollars ...day to remember ?

If you just make today World Prevarication Day, you're covered.

Fall season? Checks calendar, checks thermometer.
Hey, it's still seersucker season, and my suit is at the cleaners right now.
The autumnal equinox is September 22.
Two days late and a month early I say!

Anyone who thinks fall doesn't start until September 21st, must be unaware of their surroundings. By the 1st of Sept we're clearly starting autumn - cooler nights, leaves changing colour, TV programs anew - need I say more? The seasons are a meteorological event, not an arbitrary one. In Oz, if I remember correctly, spring starts next week.

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