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Thursday, 07 July 2016


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I can not avoid the feeling that after the initial steps of these MILC systems, they start to suffer from a similar disease that affected the systems they are trying so hard to emulate and mimic: the venerable SLR. As the initial enthusiasm wanes, they become boring?

I just wish they could address the tethering situation, The current LR set up for the XT-1 is just too slow, but I'm personally very excited about this release!

Love the double jointed screen! I was just daydreaming about such a design the the day. But on the whole this seems a bit expensive for what it is, given that a Sony A7II costs only a c-note more. But I understand that the value proposition is probably aimed primarily at established Fuji aficionados who love their Fuji lenses.

Is the XT the flagship, or the X-Pro? I mean, the latter says "Pro" right in the name!

I was going to write a comment about this after my excitement subsided sufficiently to allow for rational thinking, but in the meantime Stephen Scharf has said everything I was planning to say, and probably better than I would have said it. I would just add that the grip also further lessens the shutter lag. Less shutter lag is always a good thing. I'm not a huge fan of grips - at all - but given this feature, plus everything else the grip confers, I definitely see it in my future.

A camera company that actually gets it is almost too much to hope for, but here it is.

Arash Moallemi: Try Capture One Pro. It does a *much* better job with X-Trans raw files than LR and has arguably a better, more intuitive interface. I haven't tried tethering with it but suspect that works pretty well, too.

Happy days!

Well, Mr. J, I've been enjoying your Fuji posts the last couple of years. I saw (through) X-T1's VF behindhand at B&H and it was wondrous.

I've used the EM-1 professionally - for video, unusually - since day 1, and while 1080 matters not a jot to the clients (it's a boon to cosmetics companies), the vendor-side norm's 4K.

I'm not sure I can wait for EM-1 II - time being money an' all - and X-T2 will scratch the itch.


The old me would have said, boy, this is great. The new, more mature me says, boy, this is expensive. Much as I like new toys, I have a hard time seeing the price/quality/usefulness ratio here. That's because I honestly can't get why you'd go mirrorless if the body will be this big. I'm a big fan of mirrorless, and gravitated back to one for years, but only as a walkabout camera to use on occasions where size and weight is important. If you're going to have a 132mmx90mm sized body, why not just get a little Nikon or, better yet, Pentax DSLR? Cost will be half or less, all the lenses you want, all made by people who know what they're doing. Maybe, quite possibly, I'm just wrong and haven't paid attention, but all the "full-featured" mirrorless cameras are still catching up to DSLRs in terms of AF, flash and lens selection, except M4/3 where you're stuck with the sensor size.

I'm sure this will be great, buy a bit surprised it costs more, in the UK, than the Xpro2. I know it's got faster af and a bigger, slightly faster evf. But it doesn't have the lovely and clever and useful and, probably, expensive ovf.

I'm just a bit surprised that's all. Would still make a great bodywork old glass mind.


I'm very happy for the Fuji fans, looks like a superb camera. I already invested in great Micro 4/3 glass, so I'll keep waiting for the OMD EM1 MkII.
Enjoy the new camera.

Ouch! My stomach hurts. I need a huge dose of GAS-X.

Looks great. On balance though not convinced this will outdo the wondrous Pentax K3 11 and that I think will be at a very attractive price.

So I think though tempted I will stick to M43 mirrorless for size and portability and APSC Pentax and THOSE lovely lenses.

Just keep my lovely little X100 .... And stick for good or ill with Bayer. I must say there is something about Fuji colour whatever sensor design they are using .

For those of you going this way , I think you are going to love it.

I write this ...having made my own personal Brexit ... In my case to escape TO Europe !

I don't understand the excitement about this system. It costs as much as full frame, they finally released 1 over-priced strobe with no IR-AF sensor, and the sensor performance with Adobe products is still mixed at best. People forget that the idea behind X-Trans was to handle moire. Every other camera-maker has simply ignored this problem and that's why you see remarkable performance out of cameras like the K-3, D7200, D810, RX1R/II, A7RII etc. Fuji in their infinite (re: marketing) wisdom has given us XTrans which still produces mixed results with the industry standard raw processor, a critical tool in any professional workflow. As someone who was burned by the XPro1, which was a beta camera at best, I quickly moved on. I also watched many of my wedding peers go through the cycle of buying into the system, initially raving about it, only to sell it off in 6 months after they realize the actual gap they're seeing between APS-C and full frame. If they want to impress me they should make a 24x36 XPro with AF that actually works, and a lens line up that is similar to the Contax G2. I know it's hip to be all-ok with tiny, cost saving sensors, but there is a visual penalty for portrait, landscape and even still life work. A 23mm does not render my subjects like a 35mm. Hard pass.

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