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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


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That surely takes the concept of 'dramatic clouds' one step further.

Tropical sky and farm (larger)

This is just terrific. Being in the middle of empty countryside with thunderclouds rolling overhead and in the distance is one of the best things nature has to offer.

My partner and I once drove from San Francisco to New York, and it was weather like this through huge empty stretches of Utah, Wyoming, etc. We still talk about it. Photo from the trip: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wasteland/21883721838/

Some may not like farmland - but don't say it with food in your mouth.

Frankly I find it kinda boring after about 30 seconds. I much prefer skies at normal speeds and find them awesome enough in that context. Just like I love to eat a nice piece of chocolate but I don't want pounds of it shoved down my throat all at once.

Hey, farmland as a photographic subject is entirely separate from farmland as a source of food. I like food as well as most people, maybe even more.

(Also, what I originally said was about subjects that Mike and I gravitate to. I don't mostly gravitate to photos of farmland. That doesn't mean I never like other people's.)

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