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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


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Such things are largely personal preference, but I also like Fuji files. The images I end up with please me more than what I used to get from the Canon DSLRs and Olympus MFT cameras I'd used before. There's a lot of headroom in the raw files, which makes it pretty easy most of the time to pull detail out of the brightest areas and apply a nice roll-off to get a more film-like image. And of course Fuji's lenses are fantastic.

I am sorta partial to Fuji files too---the pre X-Trans X100 files. I don't know why, for for some reason they look a bit nicer to me (only the RAFs not the jpegs with any of the color film choices.)

It's something beyond the colors, something beyond the greenish cast I can see in them. Might be just my imagination, but it's something.

"Just wanted to make that clear."

So what're you're saying is, Fuji cameras produce better files than other cameras? I don't see how anyone can read what you wrote and come to any other conclusion. When will you learn to steer clear of controversy? (Written with tongue firmly in cheek.)

[You, Sir, are a troublemaker. --Mike]

Your post said the files were "tasty," "lovely," and you "like" them; not even a comparative adjective in the list.

Please don't appologize for having opinions, especially when they're about something as trivial which camera brand of camera you "like." Your thoughts and opinions are exactly what make reading your posts interesting, whether I agree with them or not.

I think I have my K1 colors more or less worked out. I had to set the auto white balance over 4 clicks to amber and one to magenta. Otherwise I found myself fiddling endlessly in Lightroom, even with a custom xrite profile. Pentax colors seem to run a bit cool, like my old Panasonic GH2. Olympus shoots for and hits "pleasing," arguably at the expense of accuracy, but once you are used to it who wants less pleasing?

I heartily endorse hiding the comments on the Ctein piece. I was actually a little surprised to see comments open at all, and more surprised to see some of the comments.

But I do understand that, as this is a community, it's worthwhile letting people speak their mind. This strikes me as an excellent compromise. People get to speak, to get things off their chest, but after a suitable interval, and with due warning, that material gets politely tucked away.

Good call. You're pretty good at this!

I feel the same way about Olympus files. Thank God I don't feel that way about Olympus AND Fuji files.

>I am sorta partial to Fuji files too---the pre X-Trans X100 files...

I relate. I have both an original X100 and a T. The T is a better camera in a vast number of ways, but there is SOMETHING about the original X100 files that is just...special. The best indoor portraits I've ever taken have all been made with that camera. I feel the same way about the now-antediluvian, 6MP, CCD sensor Nikon D40, which to my eye makes the best outdoor, natural light color of any digital camera I've ever used. I've done a lot of A/B comparisons for civilians, generally against either newer Nikon DX cameras or my Canon 6D and folks prefer D40 color by about 4 to 1.

Just sayin'.

Since some are talking about the ineffable characteristics of certain cameras, I claim the ancient Nikon d2Hs as one of that group. The files are small and the sensor is challenged by scenes that have wide dynamic range, but within its limitations, they can be lovely.

I realized a couple of years, or so, ago that pretty much any interchangeable lens camera made today can produce nice files, when good glass is used. So, camera choice should come down to the little details of personal preference.

My biggest camera mistake was buying a D800 from specifications and reviews. It's an extremely capable camera that creates wonderful files. Nikon's flash system is great, as is their lens selection. All in all it's a fine camera. I just didn't like using it, and ended up in the Fuji camp.

Do the Fujifilm files hold as much detail the D800's? Not at all. Are they good enough for my uses? Absolutely. Do I love Fuji's colors and film simulations? Sure do. More importantly, I absolutely prefer Fuji's physical controls to any DSLR around. Choice made. And, I've quit reading camera reviews (mostly).

So it's the tactile experience and color rendering that define my choices. Both are perfectly idiosyncratic, which is great. For me, there are no more cameras being bought without handling them first, looking at plenty of files, and probably renting.

Regarding the way Fuji files convert to B&W (and I apologise if this has been said before on TOP, especially when I myself was the one who did so...), an important factor might be that the portion of green sensitive photosites vs the red and blue ones, is a bit larger in the X-Trans pattern than in the Bayer pattern (5 out of 9 vs 2 out of 4).

Hmmm. Canon, Fuji and Olympus? Those are the three brands I use. You have good taste, Mike.

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