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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


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Purchased via the Amazon UK link in your post. Long lead time for sure, but I'm patient and looking forward to getting this issue. Thanks for heads up on this.

Any relation to Gordon?

[No. --Mike]


Thanks for the recommendation - I just ordered. I was in Copenhagen when the Dallas tragedy news hit and write this from Karlskrona in Sweden. Distance does not make it better. I'm scared for the country I deeply love. This looks to be a document of hope.


A podcast interview with the editor, Sarah Lewis. https://manpodcast.com/portfolio/no-244-sarah-lewis-malin-wilson-powell/

Probably the best issue of Aperture since they switched to the "topical" approach a couple years ago. Makes the "Inez & Vinoodh" issue seem like a folly.

FWIW Tyler Green has interviewed Sarah Lewis about this Aperture publication on this weeks Modern Art Notes podcast. https://manpodcast.com/portfolio/no-244-sarah-lewis-malin-wilson-powell/

Thanks Mike for this tip. Strange how you always come up with subjects I am busy with. After getting Hold Still by Sally Mann, Deep South by Paul Theroux (photos' by Steve What's-his-name) and Segregation Story by Gordon Parks the (Southern) African American history has become one of my main interests at the moment.
After six years I gave up my Aperture subscription last year. Could not grab anymore what they were trying to communicate. Looking at this issue they seem to be on the right track again. Unfortunately I did not find the back and white version here in Europe.


Speaking of injustice, I wonder if there is a book out there commemorating police officers who have been killed in the line of duty? I recently read that the number of police shot and killed in the US is up by 44% over last year. That includes the outright assassinations that are now in vogue. There's some injustice...


[I agree. After the events in Dallas I thought of the TOP reader (and friend) who was chief of two police departments in his career. Police are always in jeopardy as they go about their daily work. They deserve to be in our thoughts for sure. --Mike]

And Gordon Parks? What about Gordon Parks? e.g. http://time.com/4200148/gordon-parks-photographs-black-humanity/ -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Parks

I am white but actually learned my photography in a black country, Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. By great good fortune, I came across a little book he wrote (it ws "Flash Photography" 1947, I think) which included the advice to turn on its head the accepted notion of modeling with shadow in portraiture to modeling with light when photographing dark skinned people -- modeling with shadow works only with light skinned people. I am back living and working in paradise again, but I have never stopped asking the question: "What do you mean by 'Great skin tone rendering'?" which has racism built into it (they mean white skin, of course, but never admit it).

But Gordon Parks not mentioned among the luminaries? Good grief -- how luminous do you have to get?

Cheers, Geoff

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