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Friday, 29 July 2016


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I'll recommend something like https://www.amazon.co.uk/KONG-SqueakAir-Ball-Rope-Medium/dp/B002GJXSQ6/ as an antidote to the tennis elbow - keeps our border collies well exercised, anyway!

Get one of those plastic flingers for chucking the ball to Butters, and save yourself going through Tommy John surgery. Those things also work for slugs - peer-reviewed research says that if you toss them more than 13 meters, they won't find their way back.

Chuckit launchers make dog ball throwing effortless https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_2_7?url=search-alias%3Dpets&field-keywords=chuckit&sprefix=Chuckit%2Caps%2C240 but you probably knew that. My Patterdale makes her own amusement (aka looking for furry varmints to kill) so I don't usually have to bother with a ball.

[I have three sizes of Chuckits. And, amusingly, Butters will ignore rabbits in favor of focusing his attention on the ball--even when the rabbit is 8 feet away from him (it has happened). --Mike]

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"I have three sizes of Chuckits. And, amusingly, Butters will ignore rabbits in favor of focusing his attention on the ball--even when the rabbit is 8 feet away from him (it has happened). "

Dogs. Amirite?


My children never believed me that floccinaucinihilipilification, was a real word, I could say it, but couldn't (quite) spell it. Thank you.

Although I suspect that only a few of your readers will be interested in any of this, I have even further revised my "Frankencamera" since my last email to you.

As seen below, after some modifications, I am now using the rear standard from a Toyo 23G as the front standard -- it shares the same basic design, but is smaller (about 3/4 scale) and nearly a pound lighter than the Toyo 45G version -- and also swapped the Toyo 45G rear standard for an intermediate standard, which is quite a bit smaller and lighter as well.

I have also purchased a used A7R body, so by the end of next week, I should be using this camera for real photography and not just test shots around the house. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait! 8^)

In my opinion, Porsches and photography go together surprisingly well. I regularly photograph out of the back of my "German Suburban":

Mike, the thing that stops your Nikon DX fixation is a old outdated need for Nikon lenses to go with that. In the past 3-4 years what you may have missed is that Sigma, Tokina, even Samyang and Tamron have been producing amazing lenses for DX at great price points. These lenses only lack one thing, the Nikon name, but the image quality is many times actually better and so much cheaper. While the glass will not hold value like a official Nikon lens, you can get much better value as you use it. Third party lenses for both FX and DX are now well worth consideration based on quality and value. I'm a Nikon body guy, have a lot of Nikon lenses too, but the last lenses I have purchased have not been Nikon, but Sigma and Tamron.

[Hi Robert, I just looked at all the available DX primes from independent makers and it isn't much. A few mainstream focal lengths (not the ones I would want) and a sparse motley of fisheyes, macros, and manual-focus options. --Mike]

In contrast to floccinaucinihilipilification, antidisestablishmentarianism (1 letter less) actually does have a specific meaning that was once quite relevant.

It was a conservative position adopted in England in the 19th century to oppose a liberal proposal to withdraw state funding and special status from the Church of England.

It may not have many uses out of its historical context, but within that context it is very hard to find an alternative...

"floccinaucinihilipilification" was, I think, the longest pure word in the English language though I do seem to remember an "f" was used rather a "p" and, living up to the true value of the word my comments are probably rather pointless - but fun to the pedant!

I learned a long time ago that tennis elbow very often is caused by weaknesses in wrist and hand muscles. If you know a physical therapist or have similar resources, learning a few simple exercises may help avoid reoccurring problems.

While I'm not too interested in having a digital tilt/shift set up, JG's post did get me off my backside and looking again at my two stalled film camera projects. One, joining bits from two cameras to make one, needs more thought.

The second one involves modifying a Brownie Six-20 camera to use 400 ISO roll film, 120 size. I think I've found a way to get 120 spools to run smoothly and not jamb up; the camera is designed for the smaller diameter 620 spools. The camera was made to use around 50 ISO film, so the single shutter speed will be made faster. There will be ND filters.

I could go on in more detail, but really I should go and do it rather than just talk about it.

Open Mike post must have been about pool. :-)

Um, Mike, um "hump day". Ah, has, ah, some possible meanings referring to your personal life. And someone else's. Might not be the best term to use to describe a day you go off topic. Might conjure up some images images in the minds of the great unwashed (i.e. us!) of just how far off topic you are going! Undesirable images. Too much (or not enough) information images. LOL.

Enjoying TOP very much after only recently discovering it.

Love the long words.

Cheers, Geoff

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