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Monday, 25 July 2016


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Hi Fidelity-

We are living in the age of 'Big Data' and A.I., we have crowd funding and open source. We have Bots and Crawlers, some of them creepy some of them not.
Like all new stuff these things cut both ways they can inspire us, and they can humble us which are both good in prpoer measure, but they can imply the the idiosyncratic human touch is unnecessary, or that so much is out there we have little to contribute. It can lead us to be complacent when we see group think, or accepting when companies tell us what we should like.

On balance though the trend is empowering and the issues come because we haven't yet mastered the new technology .
But participation is key. If we see something we have to say something , and we've never had more ability to have our voices heard or pictures seen.


Hahaha....that nose looks like Darth Vader's.

Them eyes appear a tad Oriental.


Recognizing embedded shapes and forms - faces, letters, numbers - is an outstanding visual exercise for children...and adults...to develop more acute cognitive skills. Today's camera-in-every-hand culture makes the exercise easy to implement. Try it yourself for a few days.

As a book? Mmmm...I dunno.

@Herman: Love that image!

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