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Friday, 17 June 2016


Went to Chris Floyd's site and left a two comments. He put up the post in Feb and I'm the first to comment. Hard to believe. It reads as if Apple paid nothing for the rights. Easy to believe. Now you need to contact him about a print sale. Put me first in line.

In regard to Mark's complaint about work being harder to get in her later years -- I found that by the time I had reached my mid-60s, most of the art directors and corporate communications people with whom I had built long-term relationships had retired or moved on to other things or other places. To the younger people who took their places it was "Who is this senior flatulence and why should I give him work? I would rather work with someone of my own generation."

Glad I could point you in Chris' direction - his blog usually makes fascinating reading. I particularly liked his description of how he got this rather steely-eyed portrait of the usually very affable Paul McCartney https://www.chrisfloyd.com/good-weekend-monday/

ps being name-checked on TOP has made my day :)

I agree with Dave Jenkins. I was a photo major at Pratt in the mid 70s and ended up becoming a sailmaker instead (plus a photo dabbler and avid TOP follower). Over the years most of those who I cultivated as contacts have aged out of the game and trying to be kool enough to the newer generation is, well, I'm working' in it. Hoping that older and wise maintains some validity in my marketplace. So it's not just photography. It's keeping a place in our fast forward world.

Enjoy your weekend reprieve Mike and happy father's day to you.

Tad ironic that competent work can get worldwide acclaim and recognition depending on equipment used, while extraordinary work can be doomed to relative obscurity despite quality, relevancy or accomplishment.

For those who prefer the direct link to Kelly Hofer's documentaries How to Get to Heaven with the Hutterites (and it's there in 720p).


and Queer Hutterite


Speaking of Calgary and Hutterites, George Webber has some nice work:


and has a book published of the work:


along with another book on the Blood Reserve (Canada's largest native reserve):


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