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Thursday, 02 June 2016


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My order is in.
An eclectic collection, for sure.
Some real gems though.
Thanks for facilitating this again!

I passed on the last sale, but I jumped on this one. I'm very interested in the Lange and the Barnard so I took your advice that it is a nice buy in that case. Thanks for helping to bring the sale to life with the museum!

Got mine ordered. Thank you for the great offer. Now...tell me how to explain to the wife why I need five more photo books!

Mike, you are the best!


Thanks for coordinating another great sale, I look forward to some more amazing books!


Just ordered. To be honest, I really only know Lange's work - either not familiar with or don't know of the others. Any that I decide I don't want to keep will go to my photographer daughter. Nice opportunity and glad that you get a chance to "wet your beak". Thanks for setting it up.

I was going to say that TOP is getting to be bad for my wallet - first, the Clyde Butcher book, now this set. (I passed on the first book from the museum, but between the D. Lange book and the Civil War book, this set looks promising). But then it occurred to me that I would have paid this for a few rolls of film and processing a dozen years ago. I really need to get back to spending money on this hobby (maybe start printing some photo books) before my wife gets used to the status quo !

I'm in and thank you

I ordered as well... Certainly hope the Van Vechten book is still in stock, though I imagine it won't sell out in the first day.

Thanks for putting this together Mike... Looks like a great collection!

Got mine ordered. Thanks

Thanks for arranging this. I decided to treat myself to a set as a birthday present, despite the shipping charge to the UK. I hope I ordered in time to get the fifth book. I didn't get the earlier books from the Museum but have bought several of your print offers and your earlier Lodima Press book offers.

When I was talking to the store just after noon they told me that they had already received over 150 orders. They also suggested that shipping would start in about a week.

I'm in too. . .for all of its potential for Grinchiness, the internet (NYTimes advises they are going small "i" from now on) makes this sort of win-win-win possible. Great job Mike connecting the various pieces. FWIW, I think the Photo Book of the Month (or bi-month) is a great idea. Think of it as a different kind of curating.

Wow another great TOP sale, I might not make the bonus book, but who cares. As far as I am concerned the whole thing is a Bonus. Thanks not only to Mike but to the Nelson-Atkins Museum for bringing us such good stuff.

A little late, maybe too late for book No. 5, but nevertheless, I'm in.
I strongly favor the suggestion of a BOTM Club by TOP. So far no suggestion that I followed has let me down, and I bought a lot based on reviews and recommendations here. Please take my money!

Just a few months back I swore to not buy photography books. Yesterday I ordered this set, lured in by the Loughlin and the hope of getting the Van Vechten. And curious about the Webb.

Already have the Lange, though I have no idea where in the house it may be.

RE BOTM - Jorg Colberg used to do a kind of 'unwrapping' for photo books which I think worked quite well. Haven't followed his site for a while and a quick check (http://jmcolberg.com/weblog/2013/05/a_new_site/) has left me confused, but maybe you could consider something similar? It certainly allows you to indicate what impresses you about a book more than "mere" prose.

My order is placed! I just received my copy of the last offer: "An American Century of Photography", a few days ago and am enjoying it very much. This delay wasn't due to the shortcomings of the US post but to me, as I had it sent to my daughter who lives in California with her family (who I am visiting – and picking up my book) instead of Canada where I live. I expect to see the new books around Christmas!

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