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Tuesday, 07 June 2016


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Wonderful photo and story, Gordon. Thanks for sharing it with us.

What a wonderful remembrance, Gordon! Thanks very much for sharing.it.here.

"We'll never see his likes again". Indeed we won't.

So much has been written and spoken these past few days about his charm and playfulness but your story makes it real for me. Thank you Gordon.

Thanks a lot for this, Gordon. Wow, I feel like I should get your autograph! You were one lucky guy that day, and I don't mean you still having your teeth. I was never a boxing fan, but I was an Ali fan. When all the videos were dusted off or re-published after Ali died I was reminded of all the times I had loved watching him perform, as much out of the ring as in it.

Just Wonderful, Thank You

I heard this story from Harvey Fierstein on KNX 1070 in Los Angeles:
Muhammad Ali went to up to a person in a rest home and had this conversation:
"Do you know who I am?"
"Yes, you are the greatest"
"Yes, I know that, but do you know my name?"
"Yes, you are Joe Louis."

Gordon , you never cease to amaze. Thanks for sharing.

I like this story, and of course the photo!

I tried to listen to that podcast, but the production, the adverts and the intrusive music were just too much. Pity. Is this a US thing? (I'm from the UK)

Gabe, I am going to share what you wrote. It very moving. And I hate Ali the boxer.

Great story, and a beautiful comment from Gabe. Thanks both.

Ali was an icon of my youth. The key fact for me being that he remained an icon, even when my youth was a dim memory. There have been other icons, heroes if you like, for me, and many of them have passed away. And many recently. I'm wondering who the icons will be for later generations, my children included? Could be my own perspective, but I don't see any emerging, especially in popular culture and music. Some sporting heroes sure - maybe the gladiator thing is what makes it stick?

Ali was more than just an icon of course, more than a symbol


That's one of the best Ali stories I've ever heard. Thank you for sharing!

Best regards,

Finally... A post about Muhammad Ali! Probably, the most photographed human being of all time. Before the internet and social media, he was already the most recognizable man on the planet. In the rest of the world, he was not at all a polarizing figure. It was pure adulation and not only for his boxing skills. (One exception though: during the ring introductions at the Thrilla in Manila, he was momentarily booed by the fight crowd because of the way he tormented Joe Frazier throughout the pre-fight publicity campaign.)

Thank you, Gordon Lewis.

Beautiful story Gabe!

What an incredible story and what luck!

I've read Gabe's story three times now. What a great man Muhammed Ali was! He was man I always dreamed of meeting, but now is gone. I knew that there wasn't much hope of it, but (sigh) there's no chance now.

Our trick as children (I have two brothers) was to tap each other on the left shoulder as we passed the right one, and vice versa. We all got used to this trick, which means that even sometimes today, if somebody taps me on one shoulder, to see who it is I'll look over the other one. : ]

Dear Gordon, when I was in primary school in the 70's, whenever there was an Ali fight shown live on tv, the whole school would gather in the school assembly yard to watch the fight. The headmaster and teachers would also watch together with us kids. Back then in Malaysia there would be almost no vehicles on the roads on an Ali fight day and government offices would also suffer a slowdown in business during the match. Such was his persona ... (he came here one time to fight Joe Bugner but at the time he wasn't in his prime anymore). Thank you for putting up this article Gordon. Muhammad Ali will sorely be missed.

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