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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


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NSFW?? Is that Twitterese?
Come on. You are capable of writing legible English.

[Google is your friend, Paul. --Mike]

I looked at his website. Just realized that i don't know how to spell "Yuck."

I'm sure your readers can judge the artistic merit themselves, but perhaps it should also be noted that some of the NSFW images are of minors.


LMGTFY (let me google that for you):

cheers, s.

Sorry Mike: I find this image boring and pretentious. It has nothing to recommend it, compared to excellent work by such folks as Robert Capa, Elliot Erwitt, and many others.

Not Suitable for Work. Fantastic stuff. Well worth the google. Thanks.

I really liked his 'stories without titles', it is one of the very few times I see DoF used in a way that is not just to hide a busy and distracting background.

The only reaction I had to Olivier's work is how much I like Duane Michals' storytelling.

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