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Thursday, 30 June 2016


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I have linked at http://www.digitalmonochromeforum.co.uk/

would love copy but can't afford shipping to UK!!!

You were going to write some more posts about the books?

[I was, but didn't have enough time to read them all. I probably shouldn't admit this, but...I am slowing down a bit. --Mike]

I just put in an order. I nearly did it right away when it was first announced but money was tighter than month than I would have liked.

Thanks for the sale. And for the work you do here at TOP.

Done! And thank you! I was;t able to order at the start of the sale, but I've money today, so this was welled timed. As much as I'm a fan of the print sales, these are great deals, and a lot more approachable.

Passed along :)

What? There are other photography-related web sites???

But seriously, I ordered the book deal and was early enough to get the bonus book but even without that the main four are fabulous and inspiring. And a great deal to boot.

A good place to mention just how much I like the Todd Webb book. I was not familiar with Mr Webb and his terrific work and was surprised to find how much his images resonated with me. Cool stuff! I'm very happy that TOP gives me the opportunity to learn some photographic history and become aquainted with such good work through the book sales. (BTW, Mike, are you going to follow through with publishing some books of fotos?)

Perfect timing.
My daughter is heavily involved with a couple of art museums in Milwaukee and Eastman/Rochester NY and is specially interested in photographs. Her birthday is this month. A great gift for someone with her interests ~assuming I send all four on to her.

A lot has been said about international shipping, but I'll say it again: it is prohibitively expensive. I have no idea if there are companies who could handle the shipping for a reasonable fee, but outsourcing the shipping itself to such a company would be an obvious way to solve the problem.

$100 for shipping? This must be a joke.

I tried to get the word out. After all, this IS a great bargain if someone is interested in photography/photographer history. I posted it on my Facebook page and it was re-posted from there by a few photographers-in-the-education business and I also posted it on our local camera club page and it was given a bunch of likes, so hopefully it helped!

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