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Wednesday, 01 June 2016


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Sighhhhh, it shows how out of date I am. I thought you meant a hoard of 16mm cine-neg film was being sold . . .

I do Mike...and I am, but here in Blighty we don't have this offer. May I say Grr?

Except for the XPro-2 most everything Fujifilm is discounted. Even the X100T is discounted $200.

The XPro-1 is no longer listed at B&H and at Amazon it is $799. When it was listed at B&H it was $499.

Turns out there is a whole bunch of Fuji gear on sale at B&H/Adorama and Amazon, including yours and my favorite lens, the fab Fuji Fourteen (14mm/2.8; $400 off!), 56/1.2 and 1.2 APD, and even the killer pro zoom, the 50-140/f 2.8 (been shooting Supermotard and barrel racing with this bad boy very effetively lately). Also, the X-T1 and X-T`10 bodies are $300 and $200 off, respectively.

That title is quite deceiving. I'm pretty sure a few fans of analog moviemaking got their hopes up and then destroyed.

If only it said Nikkor on the front.

The amazing Fuji-XF 14mm f/2.8 is on sale for $499 at B&H:


That is an attractive price. Zeiss should have sold their Touit 12mm in this price range and might have had more success with the Touit lenses.

Seeing the title I, too, thought that they are back in cine film business...

I hope I'm not harping on too much about price disparity twixt the USA and us here in Blighty, but having checked with a couple of major Fuji retailers here in Britain the price of many Fuji lenses has actually gone up in the last few days! The 16mm has a price increase of approximately £100, ($145-ish) such that it now costs more in pounds sterling than you guys can get in dollars....£765-ish compared to $699. I'm a little miffed and confused...can any TOP readers throw any light on the situation?

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