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Monday, 13 June 2016


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Nothing yet here. And no indication anything has been sent other than my credit card being charged. And I paid more than $48.00.


I am deeply concerned I haven't received my books from 800-odd miles away yet! ;) I have every confidence that they will be amazing, and I look forward to spending hours enjoying them. The last book sale impressed me greatly! I admit to stalking the windows if I hear the mail truck over the last few days...

I imagine the logistics of this must be difficult for The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and I greatly appreciate both their effort, and perhaps more so yours for making this happen. I hope you can find the time for at least a semi-annual if not monthly book sale.

Thank you for your dedication to the cause of art.

I tried viewing the Antiques Roadshow material, but was stopped by a "right issue", which confused me a bit until I mentally added the missing "s", IP rights often being on a national basis, and I'm in the UK. However, second time round I noticed that I could view a transcript, which (as usual for transcripts) does make slightly odd reading, but probably provides most of the info from the clip.

Lovely looking set of books, but ruled out for me due to postage costs, I think! Keep up the good work, though, Mike

@Chris 0906am. On iPhone or iPad the Opera VPN app solves the "rights issue" for viewing, as in this case, US material from UK. I just switch it on when I hit the problem and reload the page.

Grr and Grr again...I too cannot access the video clip from the 'Antiques Roadshow', which I find ironic living in Blighty where the programme came from! Do you ex-colonials have a version of our much loved Sunday trip into the old and collectable I wonder?

Thanks for the update. Looks like I'm not the only one waiting eagerly for delivery.

Hope to get the package soon. It's like when I was a kid waiting for Christmas.

Great googly-moogly! I didn't see the original offer and had no idea the discount was *that* much. Books ordered without another thought.

My order arrived yesterday and they look great. An introduction to some new photographers and refreshers of old favorites. What a wonderful deal this is for all involved. Thanks, Mike.

My compliments to the USPS! My box arrived yesterday with a hand-written label that lacked a street address, nonetheless the guys and gals at the post office managed to figure out the who and where and get it to me!
The books are amazing and deserving of more time that I can give them at the moment -- I can hardly wait.

Mike: if you want the details of the delivery story send me an email and I'll lay out the whole complicated thing.


All five arrived this morning. They are WONDERFUL!

How few hardbacks were available?!? My order was placed and paid for by 11:02am, and I only received two hardbacks. If there are only a handful of hardbacks available it might be best to point that fact out in the posting about the sale. I would never have placed an ordered if I thought it was likely I would not get all four hardbacks, which is why I put my order in so quickly.

A note that you might pass on to the museum shop: If objects barely fit in the box, then you've chosen a box that's too small. There should be at least enough room to wrap everything up in bubble wrap. Tossing one small square of bubble wrap into a box is /not/ the correct way to pack books.

Got the books today. Five, I got in early. All I can say now is wow! I,ll be busy with these for awhile. Thanks TOP, Nelson Atkins, and all involvedl. Gread deal for 63.95 shipped. Well done!

Loved the first book-read it cover to cover despite the 7 lb weight.

Got my books two days ago (New York metro area). Arrived in good condition. I have more interest in some than others, but knew that before ordering. A couple will probably become gifts to others. All in all, a good experience. Hope that you can continue to do this.
If you haven't done so, you need to get to Watkins Glen and take in the noise and fumes. Check their schedule and see if they have a classics event(s). I've been to some of those at Lime Rock - some great machines.

Just got mine over Father's day weekend, and apparently got my order in soon enough to score all five books. They came in pristine condition. Thanks!

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