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Monday, 30 May 2016


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Very nice; a happy photo.

What a difference a season makes. Thanks for sharing the photo of the red chair within the green splendor.

I think I like this one just as much as the original. What a great diptych they would make.

Why not offer this along with the earlier image set up at one time as a dyptych?

We are looking forward to see this in Autumn - please, Mr. Mike...!

I love the red chair, but not as much as the dogs. Please report back when the leaves turn in the fall!

Ah, lovely!

Red Chair In Four Seasons is a classic series in the making.

for all we know that chair's not even there, or red, or maybe it had a smiling guy sitting in it and it's green.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

Mike, you shot from a different position!

[There was a different picture there. --Mike]

Following McCurry's steps, are you? This purported "photograph" is clearly doctored, or heavily edited at the very least. Compare this version with "the red chair" from last Winter... it is clear to me that you have (sloppily) cloned out the snow, (hastily) added foliage on the trees, and (clumsily) darkened/colorized vast areas.


Photographically speaking a have a few weaknesses. One of them is arrows, another is black and white tile floors, another one is chairs. I just love them and keep taking pictures of them.

I love that you shot the full height of the tree - really reinforces the scale of the place.

So....what lens was this? ;-)

[XF 23mm ƒ/1.4. --Mike]

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