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Sunday, 08 May 2016


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That Buick is a 55 or 56. We had a 56 Buick Special in the same color scheme ("tritone").

That '35 Ford is pretty sweet, to be sure, but one of the most interesting cars I've seen lately is this 1st generation Chevy C10 with a late-model Corvette drivetrain and suspension grafted into it:


It doesn't look like much, but like the '35 Ford you featured, it runs very well!

The modern engine will do wonders for ease of driving in that Ford!

I always worry about brakes, tires, and suspension (as in, keeping the front tires on the ground for steering) when I see so much more power put into a car that doesn't have wonderful handling in the stock configuration. But I will hope that Bernie's car has either addressed those issues, or else that everybody driving it will be careful enough to not get caught (or some combination; so long as it comes out without bending sheet metal or people).

So...how did the GX8 work for ya?

Aaah, life in the Finger Lakes region when it's not winter... WI is wonderful, but you picked one of the nicest spots in the lower 48 to move to, Mike. Enjoy.


Different subject, same discussion.

I do like Bernie Struble's Ford Cabriolet. While it isn't too hard to build a vehicle that looks good, or too hard to build a vehicle that is practical, to do both at the same time is much, much harder. Many people just don't bother. Well done, Bernie.

Mike, if you enjoy looking at streetrods and talking to their owners, you need to make the short trip to Syracuse in July for the Syracuse Nationals. It's big and sounds overwhelming, but it's a great show that's well worth checking out. With the beautiful old buildings at the Fairgrounds there are photo opp's galore!

What you consider "an unfortunate juxtaposition" is what a more waggishly inclined photographer might consider a successful shot. After all, the winner could have placed the trophy on the hood of the car or at his side. He put it just where he wanted it.

Colors look good. The photos themselves look a tad too HDR for my taste though...

I'm thinking it is either a 56, but more likely a 57 Buick. Has many of the design attributes of the 57 chevy. GM did borrow key design elements from sibling product lines in those days. 56-57 -- great years for the American auto.

I liked the Ford Cabrio, too. Lots of modern amenities, but I didn't spot seat belts, arguably the most important of them?

John Ironside - Bernie Struble, who owns the Cabriolet is my father in law...there are definitely seatbelts in the car!! Glad you like the car- we love it too!!

I was around 7 or 8 when my great grandfather died; when we went out to his house to arrange his stuff, I remember standing in awe at the vintage Buick we found in the old wooden garage out back. It was the very model in your post, albeit a hardtop, in the very same colors, and seemed like a time capsule to me at the time (late 70's). I wish I knew what happened to it.

Bernie's phone (on the photo of the dashboard) does look a bit more dated than the (beautiful) car! ;)

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