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Friday, 20 May 2016


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Mike...my favorite car was a 1951 Champion Studebaker I bought from a fellow that said, " it don't run". I paid $75 for it and had it running
the next morning. I drove it everywhere which included
trips to the Blue Ridge where I had to add another pint of STP to
get me over the next mountain. Life was lovely and gas and the additive
were plentiful and cheap. What do you want? I got there and people
marveled at the mystery car and the smell of burning oil.

If your old car is still in great condition why did you sell it in the first place?

[To raise money to move house.... --Mike]

OMG... This green Miata with light brown interior... It has been part of my wildest dreams since I was a teenager back in Brazil

Bully Hill vineyards! When I was at Cornell in the 1970's and my parents visited, we drove out to Bully Hill. Seemed to be staffed by scary ex special forces or CIA types. Very odd experience indeed. Wine was tasty.

I would dearly love to drive an original (curvy shape) Opel Manta again but somehow common sense tells me that it would be a disappointment - sure was fun on bendy roads back in the day though......

The Wikipedia summary of Bully Hill Vineyard and the fractious Taylor Wine clan makes for an interesting read. It may shed some light on the comment from Charles Wick. As to driving one more time a car from the past, my first reaction was a fond memory of the '59 MGA. Then I realized that with a 2012 Miata in the garage that would be redundant. So I chose the '31 Model A coupe. Now that was fun on wheels.

In the UK the Miata is the MX5 and I'm on my third. My first was a new black MK1, then I got a new red MK2 and I've now had a MK2 I bought used for about seven years. I wish I'd never sold my MK1 but failing that I shouldn't have sold the MK2 I bought used.

Recently I've been missing a 4ltr V8 S Type I had for a few years and also a Lotus Elise but of them all I think that the MX5's have been on balance the best.

Of all the the wineries in the Finger Lakes ... Bully Hill. Sigh. Their bottles have fun labels, though. (Ducking incoming missiles from those who like Bully Hill.)

[I'm gathering Bully Hill elicits strong feelings for reasons I'm in the dark about. But the food is good and the view is good, so it's a nice place to take guests. The veranda of Esperanza Mansion is even better, but I'm not sure it's open yet. And it's closer, so it would have meant less time for me behind the wheel of Larry's car. --Mike]

Is that shot with the 14mm?

[Yes, purely out of laziness. We were leaving for lunch and I forgot to check which lens was on the camera. They look and feel similar enough that I sometimes don't realize unless I pay attention at least a little. --Mike]

Flower pictures are hard! it's very easy to do a boring straight on visualization, which I think what most people associate with flower photography. And from a technical standpoint the strong and varied colors and depth of field choices set many demands for the photographer and the final medium. I believe this is one reason that JPEGs are problematic: a very limited color gamut.

Hmm. When reading the Bully Hill entry on Wikipedia, the entry mentioned that you're close to Watkins Glen. Have you been yet?

That photo of Larry G -- I read the address on the house behind him as TAO, and I thought, Mike's got religion...

[I've been to Watkins a few times, but not to the track yet. --Mike]

Ah, wouldn't mind my 1991 Toyota MR2 back for a while :-)

Actually, the photo question is: given he already had a P800, which by all accounts does a very nice B&W, how much did he gain by having a dedicated B&W printer? Or was he just yielding to that particular disease of "it must be better because it's fiddly and difficult and I invested 1000 hours getting to work" ?

On the other hand, I admire his straightforward justification: "...he likes looking at them." More people should be so simple about their photography.

I still drive my 1989 MX5 (red of course) and I still shoot Mr Fuji's cameras. Must be a thing about 50+ yo photographers.

Of all the cars I owned, my 1992 Miata (bought used in 1998) is the only one I really miss. Drove it 30,000 miles in the first year, touring my new home state, California. Perfect car, so well thought out and put together. As my only car though, it's size and lack of real trunk was a problem. A friend who flew in for the week-end did not heed my advice and showed up with a largish suitcase. Driving back to my place was a bit of an adventure, with me holding the bag over my shoulders...

I should make a swing your way with my '06 Miata...

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