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Saturday, 28 May 2016


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I have a mailbox in Miami with a company that send my stuff to me abroad. Can I ask to send the books to them? I just received a book by Oliver Gagliani from them that I purchased through Amazon.

Well, bummer! I will be in an airliner high above the North Atlantic when this kicks off. C'est la vie.

So wicked of you, sir, to make us wait for the titles. But you're one shrewd marketer. Is it Thursday yet?

Will it be possible to get another book (specifically "An American Century of Photography") included in the same box as the four included in this offer in order to reduce total shipping cost?

[No, the boxes are sized for the books. "ACoP" is a large book and more than 8 lbs. if I recall correctly. --Mike]

Atheism - a religion in the same way that not collecting stamps is a hobby.

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