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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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OY! Please don't start it while some folks (like, well, me) are off at play (a retreat in the woods) for the Memorial Day weekend, possibly without web access.


I'll spare you the long and eccentric sounding reasons but I prefer softcovers. Any way to ask for them or can we be told when the orders reach that pint so we can jump in and get then?

Thanks for giving us all these great opportunities!

Waiting for the "first" American Century of Photography - hoping....

I do hope a better deal will be struck regarding postage to Australia and Other Unlikely Places.

Are these books grey market?

[No, more like buying NOS from the manufacturer. --Mike]

This is great news, Mike! I'm anxiously awaiting the announcement, and so is my credit card; it's vibrating in my wallet as we speak. I only hope you had a chance to pass along our feedback about adequate packaging to the museum. I'd hate to see a repeat of what happened the first time around. Thanks again for putting these deals together for us.

Hope Kindle versions will also be available...

Anyone crazy enough to create the database would have to charge for it in order to keep it current (for which there would be far too few subscribers) or get a real life. Just sayin'

Of course this would happen when I'm going out of town and out of internet range for the weekend. Oh well, at least my bank account will thank you.

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