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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


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Apparently, Ctein didn't now about the monochrome dress code ;)

Looks like a very worthwhile get together !

I very much enjoyed that story, and I'm now kicking myself for not going (although we are 100 miles outside London). I would have loved to see those prints up close and personal, and to hear what the printer has to say about them! One thing that would have slightly increased my enjoyment would have been some photo captions that identified the people in the images (other than Ctein, of course). Is that me just being nosy?

Like that Dodge and Burn tee-shirt.

It'd be great to do one of these right here in the Bay Area.

I want that "Dodge & Burn" T-shirt!

Cool jacket.

In the second image, I am second from right with my hands held up and my face obscured. Like a lot of photographers, I am not particularly keen on having my picture taken, so that suits me just fine.

I have written a couple of articles about the meeting for my own blog. The first is a description of the meeting - http://lightintotheshadows.proimageblogs.com/meeting-ctein/. I added a further post about what I could remember of what Ctein said - http://lightintotheshadows.proimageblogs.com/cteins-observations/.

Hopefully I have got all the facts right, but I am happy to update either post with any corrections needed. Simply leave a comment and I'll do the rest.

I visited the Photographers Gallery off Oxford Street on a June day in 2010. Such a nice place to appreciate photographic prints.

What a neat little meet-up! Wish I could have been there.

A London TOP ('The Offline Photographers') branch would be interesting.

[Mike, could you pass my details to Roger as someone who would be interested in such?]

It was indeed a very enjoyable and informative encounter. Thanks to Roger for organising a perfect venue, and to Ctein and Paula for giving up some of their vacation to talk to us and show us some prints. As usual I learned a lot and only remembered some of it.

Also very impressed by some of the work presented by other attendees. I think Ctein will be going home with a nice collection of signed prints...

For the record, I'm the contemplative looking chap opposite Ctein staring at one of his dye transfer prints.

"If I ever open a pub it's going to be called The Dodge & Burn."

As long as it doesn't turn into 'The Crash and Burn"

Jed Soane: "If I ever open a pub it's going to be called The Dodge & Burn."

I find that absolutely hilarious. It's so spot-on, it almost feels impossible to believe there isn't a pub that is already named that...

As an attendee (albeit one that managed to stay out of the way of the cameras...) I would like to say a big thank-you to Ctein and Paula for taking time out of a busy trip to come and meet with us TOP readers. Wonderful experience to see such a number of high quality prints 'in the flesh'. Equal thanks must go to Roger for his smooth co-ordination of a very enjoyable afternoon.

Dear Ben,

I'd be entirely fine with a Bay Area meet-up. Someone (else!) just has to organize it.

pax / Ctein

My first reaction to the middle photo was, "I didn't realise my belly stuck out that much! Gotta lose more weight!"

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