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Thursday, 03 March 2016


“One of the things we’re sad about today is that photographers don’t walk around with a camera all the time and photograph without a project.” -Richard Benson

What an absolute treat. Thank you so much for finding it. Lee Friedlander is my favorite photographer in the world and it is a pleasure to hear him speak. I had never heard his way of finding a "project" by looking backwards, but it is exactly the way I have come to work. I have numerous 3 ring binders that are labeled by finding what I'm interested years after I started taking pictures of it. And his reference to continuing to photograph something, without success, for 15 years, only to find it in the 16th gives me hope for a number of my obsessions.

One question. Do you know which book they are referencing with the uncoated paper?

[I believe it's The American Monument, 1976. http://amzn.to/1TcL8f5 --Mike]

That was marvelous. I want more.

I highly recommend the Mark Steinmetz video at the same site. He's not the greatest public speaker but he has some interesting things to say and the photos he shows are stunning.

Terrific. Perhaps the quickest 9:43 ever! I agree - ended way too soon.

Lee has really lived his art. From being at the edge of a stage shooting a searing saxophone solo, to really getting inside the cacti and tumbleweeds in his desert work. Acts of commitment that inspire, as artists intend their work to do. I look at things differently now, really seeing these kinds of things thanks to Mr. Friedlander. Thank you for this!

Bravo! & Thanks. Lee is Jazz.

'zine as in magazine was how I assumed it was pronounced...

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