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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


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This photograph immediately brought to mind the tapestry-like work of Tanya Marcuse - http://tanyamarcuse.com.

Wow! Thank you for the link. That's some good stuff there.

Images featuring rich color and depth of dense details are among my favorites. So Goodpasture's "Compost" series is very attractive to me. The softness of the lighting and the color palettes that use intensity to manage the eye are worth studying. It's rather in the style of much 15th century Dutch paintings, especially still lifes.

Thanks for the call-out Mike and Steve D.

Thanks for the link Mike. A fascinating and varied body of work. In the spirit of sharing I love this French photographer http://www.gerardlaurenceau.com

I find his b+w work beautiful and meditative.


Reminds me of one of my favorit german photographers, Simone Nieweg. Her series of landscapes work with the same elements with a quiet and great effect.

I did a search of this website to be sure and nothing popped up but if you'd asked me this morning before seeing a reference to my comment I would have wagered significant amounts of my own money that I'd found Carll Goodpasture in the comment sections of this very website! Now I'm flummoxed. I don't visit too many on a regularly basis and I'd have sworn it was here.

I do remember it was related to a discussion of good/great photographers who are celebrated primarily for work in other fields but who would be worthy of a gallery showing for their lens work.

Anyway, glad you liked it wherever in the universe I tripped on it! And yeah it initially was the name that caught my attention.

Saving Carll Goodpasture's site in my bookmarks for a while...so much great stuff in there.
Very inspiring.

I love the work and can see his point I think. The compost takes on the elements of funeral wreaths draped around the dead animals.

As a backyard composter, however, putting dead meat in your compost is a definite no-no. lol

Peter McK

Wonderful. Love the name too.
Gardening program in the UK used to be run by Bill Sowerbutts and he was replaced by Bob Flowedew

Go figure!


Beautiful, thanks...

Would love one of the compost photos as a TOP print offer. Just sayin'... ;)

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