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Thursday, 25 February 2016


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Great news! What comes around goes around. Hopefully she doesn't end up at UMass where she started!

Quite right too. I was appalled by her behaviour, especially considering her position at the university.

I am bothered by the mob of protesters as much as I am bothered by Click. If the mob was comprised of college students, what on earth are they teaching them these days?

Happy Birthday and thanks for all the words.

It's probably a good rule that, college professors don't incite violence amongst peaceful students......., but, hey that's just me. Old school all the way.

It is always sad to hear someone losing their job, but in this case it was justified. How can a media professor ask students to beat up members of ... the media?

That woman got off easy. Unfortunately, Dr Click will be a hot commodity, offering her flavor of anti-American radicalism to the highest university bidder; there will be many. Her newfound celebrity will be a financial bonanza.

Click baiting?

Initially, as I'm sure occurred to many, I thought Dr. Click was too much of a coincidence and was certainly made up to add a touch of amusement to the story.
If this lady has any imagination (which, given her chosen field, she should have) she would have no problem setting herself up in this internet world; I mean, Dr. Click, really? Many would jump at the chance of having a name like that and deal in photography ...

One thing that bothered me by this whole ordeal is the double standard. There are very many universities shutting down free speech, but get a pass and no national outrage if it's in the "right" direction (pun intended).

Many photographs of these protests or groups have been used to belittle or mock the protester's goals, so I can understand trying to protect them. It isn't an excuse and her behavior was wrong, but when you see the internet lynch mob arrive in force for this professor, but they are mysteriously silent about say... William and Mary's debacle of silencing freedom of speech, it makes it seem that the internet rage machine can be focused by those with media control and consistent narrative.


Good. I hope the door hits her on the way out.

Well, safe to say if you freak out in public you WILL be filmed doing it these days, so just go ahead and assume that when you get the urge to tell everyone "this was the only time."

The whole tenor of the protest bothers me, though. It's a bunch of college students building a whole lot of nothing up into something huge (which is certainly nothing new, I remember college!), and forcing the resignation of a college president who did not deserve that. The difference is, now everyone in the world walks around holding a huge microphone.

...still someone just lost a job, a career...in our new 'Utopian' society we get high on the misfortunes and shame of others...mistakes of any kind under any situation are not tolerated...doesn't seem like there are any winners here..

Happy birthday Mike! I just turned 57 the other day..and I realized 60 is just around the corner...who would have though life will go past so quickly?

Some question has been raised about whether or not the school followed due process in this firing. I think what Click did was completely wrong. Presumably she would have been fired anyhow in the long run. But it's a little chilling if, as I have read, the administration suspended her without the mandated hearing, then fired her outright in a closed session, without allowing proper defense or consultation with the faculty. There was huge pressure from Republican legislators who threatened to slash the school's budget. She violated the reporter's rights, IMO. But that doesn't mean she herself shouldn't have any rights.

Melissa Click was an embarrassment to Missou, but the Republican legislators bringing pressure on Missou to fire her immediately are more of an embarrassment. The same Republican legislators also sponsored a bill to cancel the contract of any student athlete who participated in a protest. That bill got withdrawn after the national news outlets got hold of it. Admittedly, the previous Missou chancellor was a bit of an embarrassment himself.

Click could have done something else, eg, explain that the guy fasting in the tent doesn't feel good, please photograph the tent but leave him alone. A communications professor ignorant of basic communications law and unable to negotiate with a persistent photographer is a bit of a failure.

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