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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


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I love the image. Well, other than that little orange flag off to the far right. Apologies for being picky. I bought a print anyway, though. :-)

This is a lovely print, but comes at a bad time for my budget. Best of luck in the sale, I hope it exceeds your expectations.

"I feel like a tourist in my own backyard sometimes."

Same here. About 16 years ago my wife and I stumbled into this little wooded pocket about 40 miles NW of Philly. Ten minutes drive in any direction, and it's either suburbs, small towns, industrial areas, or farms. But from our home, you would never know. Quiet. Really dark at night. Wildlife.

Our 2.3 acres had a rarity: a stand of old American Elm trees, some as much as 80 years old. Somehow, they had escaped the Dutch Elm disease blight that devastated the species in the US beginning about a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, a couple of years after we arrived, apparently the elm bark beetle did also. The elms all gone. I let stand one particularly fine snag situated out of harms way, which the woodpeckers soon made a buffet and an apartment of. I called this tree "woodpecker" and have photographed it repeatedly over the years, as it became more hole-ridden, dropped limbs, and developed character. It finally fell last summer. I have no idea how many images I have of it. So, "tourist in my own backyard?" I know well how that goes.

And by the way, noticing that you have edited this post since it first went up, I just would like to extend my well wishes for you as time, and you, move forward.

there, after a heavily overcast day, was the full moon coming over the steep hill in back, through the trees. It practically took my breath away.

I had a similar experience last night. I was out for my evening walk and as I came round a corner, the moon came into sight, low on the horizon with a reflection on the sea. It was the most beatiful orange/pink colour I have ever seen.

Very nice. A little aside: it appears that you have expanded the wonderful "share the chair" idea from our friends to the north, Parks Canada http://www.pc.gc.ca/voyage-travel/serapprocher-connect-twitter.aspx
Nicely done! And thank you for your very enjoyable and informative blog!

I don't remember the exact timing of your move, but think that you have not been up there (I'm down state)for a Spring/Summer. Besides being in one of the more beautiful parts of the state, you are also located in an area that will allow you to explore other parts of New York that should be very appealing as a photographer. Many people are unaware of the sheer size and scope of NY State; parts of the Adirondack wilderness had not even been mapped until recently.

I don't know if he has the time for it these days, but I always love reading Ctien's commentary on how he went about printing a picture, the challenges he overcame, stuff like that. I'd love to hear his thoughts on printing this particular picture.

To no small degree this image represents the magic potential of photography. There might be a stack of junked cars outside the left of the frame, a squalid camp of squatters off the right, and something that looks disturbingly human hanging above the top border. (Of course there's not, just sayin' for exposition here.) But in this rectangle there is a placid winter paradise. A place we imagine ourselves to be just for a moment. No other medium can testify to the reality of such a place. Drawings and paintings reflect only impressions and memories. This photograph tells us that this place exists and that that chair waits for us.

Yes, your new setting does look lovely Mike. But, to my surprise, it's no longer my Eden. When I was in my 20's and 30's I craved beautiful wilderness and longed for the day when I could live so remotely. Today, while I still appreciate beautiful rural places I have no desire to live there. I've become very much an urban dweller who craves everything in walking (or typing) distance. I could never live a life dependent on having a car or driving.

But I can buy your picture of Eden to look at whenever I need a fix.

And by the way, noticing that you have edited this post since it first went up, I just would like to extend my well wishes for you as time, and you, move forward.

I didn't see the original post, my condolences if something sad has recently befallen you, Mike. Wishing you all the best.


Just ordered a signed print. It caught my eye on your original posting of the image. This isn't the first image I've bought from TOP; I teach photography in the UK and use them as reference prints to show students. I think the value of seeing fine prints by others is really underestimated.

Anyway good luck with the gallery / pool room, and I hope I've made a small but useful contribution.


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