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Monday, 22 February 2016


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I remember "Precipitation" once I looked it up - had not remembered the title. Though I remember the photo I seem to have missed the print sale. If there is ever another run you can count me in.

I may be among the very few that enjoy smaller prints. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your decision for this print size is for a smaller image! But i do believe that is the artists decision.

I, too, would be happy to get another chance at Precipitation. Are you listening, Gordon?

Missed the others but am certainly enamored with the Red Chair. Hope it works out and makes it to a print sale soon.

I couldn't have told you the title of that picture was "Precipitation" -- but when you said there had been a print sale of a quirky photo of that title, I knew immediately which one you meant. When I looked it up it wasn't a surprise (though if you'd questioned me on many details, I would have given incorrect answers from memory).

So -- yeah, that one's holding up for me, too. Too bad I don't have a print.

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