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Sunday, 21 February 2016


Ah, lucky you!
Most of us do not get to see or meet real great people.

[Ordinarily I don't either. It was an honor. --Mike]

I understand completely,--the human capacity for, and the amazing power of a really new Ides is quite humbling, but also exciting.

Now, you must have asked a couple of questions, what were they and what were his answers ???

Two of the greatest people I've had the honor to meet were both Nobel scientists. I also had an opportunity as a grad student to meet the scientist who coined the term "butterfly effect" (i.e., chaos theory).


Who needs rock stars?

To be the metaphorical flap of a butterfly wing has got to be kind of unsettling.

Since I quite nearly flunked physics (got out with an "A" which is very long story) I want to know if he sings "Sympathy for the Devil?"
Otherwise, physics is still a mystery to me.

Mi dos pesos

A celebrity from another era-

"To Herman who wasted a flashbulb on me".

[That's very cool Herman! --Mike]

Gosh, I hope that you managed to get out of 'starstruck' mode and into 'savvy publisher' long enough to drop a hint that a guest column or two might not go amiss.

I'd love to read his thoughts "about things like innovation in the context of institutions and creative disruptions in technology"

PS - I know the feeling. With me it was hearing a lecture by and meeting Doug Engelbart. That was twenty-some years ago and he was talking about wearable devices like the Apple Watch.

Born 1950- a young looking 65 yrs old.
Our heroes ought to be more like Steve and much less like the popular media "heroes" of today.


I got to meet Steve Sasson in Rochester in 2007 when he gave a presentation to the LHSA (Leica Historical Society of America) about the development of the first digital camera. A great speaker and true innovator. Too bad the Kodak behemoth didn't listen to him more, but then, he was quite junior at the time.

All in all, a memorable experience. And yes, my first 6 years in university were in physics which came in good stead in all later endeavors.

Do you use his shampoo and conditioner?

[Hmm. Are you related to a Mitchell named Paul?]

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