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Friday, 12 February 2016


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I am betting on Genesis. Saw the exhibit in Stockholm (at Fotografiska) a couple of years ago and it was a life changing experience. They offered a large, VERY large, edition that was quite limited and something like 3 or 4 feet tall, but it was out of my budget...

Hi Mike
I'm almost certain I'll order this book but with current US postal charges, I wonder what it will cost to ship it to Europe?

Mike this is getting very exciting,I do so love a bargain and as you promised in your initial post this is going to cost almost nothing as they are virtually giving it away,this is great news as you can probably guess I'm not flush with the disposable folding stuff so it's wonderful that you've sourced this book at a giveaway price,wonderful,wonderful,thanks Mike can't wait until Monday when all my dreams are fulfilled.

Sobieszek, 1985, Masterpieces of American Photography from the Eastman House collection?

Mike, I'm loving the build up to this book sale and hope that the UK postage won't too prohibitive. I work for a regional newspaper in Suffolk, England (RIP The Independent from next month) and based on your marketing skills, you should come and flog some adspace for us!

On the Art of Fixing a Shadow. That's my bet.

Just tell us the title already.

Overseas shipping??

The price might be right, but at 8 Lbs....Oh boy, that shipping charge...Book rate,anyone ?

Sounds like the shipping may be more than the price of the book.....

The build up makes me question if your definition of affordable may differ from my budgets definition.

Thank you for arranging this, Mike!

Can you provide some information on the forms of payment so we'd be ready to pull the trigger when the time comes? Also, info on international shipping would be much appreciated! At least to the neighbors up North. :)

A World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum

You got a little carried away two days ago? How about today? Guess we now all are scared shitless that we will miss the opportunity if we are not there 11:00 a.m. sharp :-o

You're killing me Mike!

My one peso.

Who is in charge of packaging and shipping? Read the Amazon reviews of any large book and you'll see comments about smashed corners and broken bindings. I'm not picky and will probably buy this book but just wanted to warn the shipper and hopefully prevent disappointment for those who expect perfection.

Howdy Doody man or myth, or I'll take the alphabet? Maybe renegade nuns on wheels?

Hmmm...the closest match is American Century of Photography by Keith Davis

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