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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


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"Red Adirondack Chair in Repose," my favorite MJ photo.

[Thank you! --Mike]

Maybe God wants you to give up the Internet for Lent. I know there are some who do.

[Seriously? Then I'd be fasting for real. --Mike]

This year we had very little of "winter". Usually the temperature goes down to 23 degrees Celsius at night in December and January and up to 28 or 29 degree Celsius during day time. Unfortunately this year we had "low temperatures" for hardly three days towards the end of January. Now, here, it is humid (100% humidity), over cast, hot, dusty and muggy. And we had rain a few days back. Oh, what a welcome relief from the heat it was! But, my camera body is sticky and the lens is fogged.
The low lying parts of our place have been experiencing influx of sea water into land during the high tides. This started happening just two or three years back. There is no denying that there is climate change. We are seeing effect of climate change in our own life time. We cannot deny climate change, we are seeing it right in front of our eyes.

Just three days ago someone said he loved real winter weather. Now, who was that?....

[We spent hours outside yesterday, as you'll see once I get the pictures processed. But freezing rain is not real Winter weather. Three days ago what I said was "I enjoy a good crispy cold--it's bracing. It's that wet, chilly, hovering-around-thirty-degrees cold that feels unpleasant to me." I.e., just the the conditions for freezing rain. And the conditions that knocked the power out last night. I hate it. Mostly because it can hurt the wintering plants. I was out there with a hair dryer yesterday trying to get the ice off my dwarf maple.

Fortunately yesterday it cooled off a bit after the freezing rain, and snowed. That's when it got pretty. --Mike]

Welcome to New York State!

Being offline for an extended period can be just as healthy as fasting. Fingers offline, mouth offline!

Nice color image of that red chair! If only Butters was sitting in it gazing into the trees.

60 degrees F in Indianapolis this weekend!

You should consider offering a print of "Chair in Repose" I would buy one, it would go great with the image from your old street in snow in Wisconsin! 80 degrees in Texas!

You realize don't you, Mike, that putting a spot of color in a black & white photo is totally passé?

[Everything about me is passé, except I can't get my hair to start turning white. --Mike]

Ice storm. Ice? Better you than me, Mike!

Not bragging, we have plenty of environment "warts" here in Southern California, but...73 degrees (F) right now...due to a bit of rain supposedly headed our way. It was high-80's yesterday.

Ice storm? Oh, my...


Yeah, I like Red chair, upstate (taking the liberty of titling it). I like the Butters one, too. Very brave of him to check out the alien stick.

I think in the future the most extreme punishment won't be execution or life in solitary, it'll be being cutoff from the Internet. (Although right now ten hours of it might seem like a blessing.)

I'd like to second the idea of a print offering of the chair.

Ice storms, not winter in general, are the bane of upstate New York. Don't ask any long-time locals about the 'big one' of March '91 unless you have an hour or so to spare. 400 miles south, we got 4" of snow and then rain just above the freezing point; just enough to remind me of ice storms past (shiver). I do share your enjoyment of a real sharp cold with snow and deep blue skies, but one of those a year is enough now. I ought to put all my winter landscape prints together... never done that but it might amount to a (chilly) small body of work.

No envy about an ice storm, but boy I miss snow. And real winters.

What a terrible day to lose the internet. Poor dpreview are clutching at straws to find a way to denigrate the new Pentax K-1 :)

Completely agree with the idea of crispy cold with clear skies as opposed to the wet cold.

A recent ski outing had a wonderful day of the former. Amazing conditions when you can get them.


Don't worry about the hair, Mike. It will go white in its own good time.

Why is the chair there? What are people supposed to look at when sitting there?

Makes a great photo subject in the snow:)

[I added a video for you. It looks out over the waterfall, which is in a gully just beyond the chair. It's a modest waterfall by Western New York standards—an area famous for waterfalls--Google "Taughannock Falls" for example--but it's very pleasant to sit by and enjoy when the weather is warm. --Mike]

Not relevant to this post particularly but if you wanted some more reading and you missed it, the world marches on :


No winter, no snow here (Italy) nice to see at least something on the web in one of my preferred sites
PS: lovely the red chair...

I would buy a print of the red chair photo too. Totally arresting and I love looking at it!

You know Mike, despite your fondness for black and white images, you do have a sharp eye for color from time to time. Could it be that snow, cold weather, and lack of Internet access bring out the best in you?

According to what I've read on the internet (so must be true), it is no longer worth my time to view a non-4K video.

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