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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


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No problem. I've been waiting over a decade for this book (although I'd kinda forgot about it). I can wait. Thanks again, Mike.

I do my online work at the local public library so I am late to the buying process. The order went through so I look forward to seeing this book. Great cover photo too.

First thanks of the arrangement.

May other books be disclosed so that for those of us get used to expensive shipping, let us have them in one go. BTW, US Post is not very good service but it is relatively cheap sometimes. Need tracking; last time I got Ctein photo it took 3 months by air (and it is not the air that is the issue).

Waiting is not an issue. We do not expect these books and hence waiting a bit more time is fine.

Dear Dennis,

In almost every case, delays on international shipments are NOT the fault of the US Postal Service, but of your local postal service and customs and duties offices. I am able to track that.

With at least 2,000 packages shipped since TOP started the big print sales, I've got a pretty good statistical sample-- major delay (or outright loss) caused by the USPS is well under 1% of all shipments.

I'm sorry your last order took so long, but it's not typical -- normal international shipment times end up being 2-3 weeks and it almost never takes 30 days -- and it's not the fault of the USPS.

pax / Ctein

Hi Mike, hope to be able to get a copy to the UK. I wonder if an organisation in the UK would be able to help with shipping e.g. say that there are orders for 250 books for the UK market, I wonder if it would be cheaper to ship them in bulk (by sea - it's not as if we're in a hurry). They'd need someone to break them up and re-distribute - would the RPS do it for £1 a copy + additional costs (and promote it to their members)? I don't know - to paraphrase you, "just thinkin' "

Buying from Germany, but I sent it to my Dad. :-)

Dear Mike, placed order for 2 copies but did not see place for the promotional code so paid full price. I did note on last page of order the promo code and also sent them an email regarding my mistake + order number and mentioning web site so hope they will correct. Maybe I'm the only one who missed the code space but certainly difficult to see on a smart phone.
Kind regards
Keith Trumbo

Maybe this success will lead to other great sales from other institutions. :)

[Perhaps it will. --Mike]

Thank you very much, Mike.

Dear Ctein,

It is not US Post's fault may I confirmed; Paypal is strangely.

BTW, for international shipping, there is a link in the top of the order page for one to ask them about the shipping costs. I apology in the text box provided and give my place (Hong Kong, not China as far as shipping concerned) for them.



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