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Monday, 15 February 2016


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I would love to order this book right now, but I live in Thailand and I fear that stock will be gone before any international shipping arrangements have been made. Should I order it and have it sent through a freight consolidator / forwarder? Please give me a hint!

Thank you very much, Mike.
Done and Done.

mi dos pesos (less discount)

Fantastic! Can't wait to see what else comes from the magic bookstore.

I guess this will make a fine companion to my copy of Davis's "Origins of American Photography: From the Daguerreotype to the Dryplate, 1839-1885"

International Visitors,
please move on, nothing to see here, nothing at all!

The question wether this would ship internationally came up three times in the introductory post last week, but no indication we need not mark the start time in our agendas or in any way be bothered.

[I'm sorry Hendrik. I'm working with the Museum and there is a lot of back-and-forth that goes on—they have to coordinate with several departments and a number of different people. It's not all up to me. I'm hoping they'll be able to work out international shipping but today is Presidents Day in the US, a holiday for some, and many people are not at work. I probably should have waited till tomorrow to start the sale but I promised today so I went ahead today.

I'll let you know just as soon as I have an update on this. --Mike]

Unfortunately, as far as I can make out, there no options for shipping to Canada.

Thank You.
You are fulfilling the role of Trusted Book Dealer, and providing discounts to boot.
One of the best parts of TOP.

Just sent in my order. Thanks for making this possible.

Please do determine shipping costs to foreign lands!

Looks awesome! Many thanks Mike!

Before calling them do you know if the shipping cost for ordering two to four at one time and Shipped to a single address? Doing so would allow me to order some to donate to our local Library and some friends.

Please add international shipping! Please! Please! Pl....

Done. I've been waiting to see the results of all this pre-announcement hype :) and this is perfect. Thanks.

NOW you tell me!?
Nick from not the USA...

[We're going to work on it, really. --Mike]

Is there an option for us Kansas City folks to arrange for local pick up and save on the shipping cost?

I'm a done as well but the wrong Dartmoor

Wet and on the wrong side of the pond ....but its a yes from me ....if and when available



Got mine.
How did you arrange this? How did you know the books were there?

Ordered the book of course, etc. etc., but that book stand!

I'm with Steve G -- now that I was reminded of such things, I want one (your linked one looks great, Mike).

Each of my biggest, heaviest photo books can take turns in the thing, like old folks on a cruise ship with too few deck chairs.

Thank you for deal, Mike!

I haven't purchased a fine photography book in a really long time, and this tome looks like a beauty. I placed my order without hesitation.

Thanks again!

Excellent choice. I hope you get international shipping sorted but I'd completely understand it if you couldn't—it's hard enough to sort out domestic delivery on something like this.

You know you have a lot of readers outside the U.S.A. ... I was all set to go and then discovered that they don't mail to Canada? It would be great if those of us outside the U.S. could get a shot at these as well.

Thank you Mike. I ordered mine within minutes of the sale opening. Even if the content is terrible (I suspect the opposite), this book will make my bookshelf look a lot smarter. Thanks to TOP, I'm accumulating an impressive photo library.

This photography book addict from denmark is just waiting...!
Thanks for a great TOP. I've spent many hours over the years in here. Keep going, Mike :-)
Best regards

Recipe for reading this tome: one La-Z-Boy recliner chair, one reading lamp, one large lap pillow to support this tome at reading level, a quiet time of day, and a large container of your favorite beverage. I'm ready... bring it on! :-)

Great book offer! Pity about the international shipping, but hopefully something can be worked out.

If it's difficult for the Museum to ship internationally, perhaps some kind soul in the states within the TOP community could take delivery on behalf of international buyers until they can arrange shipping themselves at a later date.

I was right! Boy, maybe I've been reading T.O.P. too long. Nah. Best wishes as always.

Thanks for letting us know about the availability of this photography book.

Unfortunately, there is a security problem with the Nelson-Atkins Museum website account required to order the book. Unbelievably, they are so clueless about privacy that they insecurely e-mail the password and the personally identifiable information that you are required to submit to create their "account."

So a warning - do not use any password that if widely disclosed would compromise your other accounts! Make sure to use a throw away password that you don't care about and is unrelated to passwords you use to secure your bank account, etc. You'll have to decide for yourself if any resulting risk to your credit card used for the purchase resulting from their disclosing your password, etc. is sufficient to avoid ordering.

And please write or call the Nelson-Atkins Museum to complain about their password disclosure negligence.

Promo code doesn't work on multiple copies?

International shipping would really be nice, thanks for the effort and do let us know if you'll manage to organise something for us foreigners!

To me it sounds a bit silly that this has been seriously talked about for weeks, if not months. How difficult it would be to at the very least offer DHL or similar shipping, at cost, to overseas orders. Sure, cheapest possible shipping would be nice, but somebody might well be willing to pay a bit (a lot) more just to get it. It is election time in USA and everybody feels very patriotic, but the world does not end at USA borders.

I'm one of the ones who went to work determined to hit your site at 1100 and buy ACoP, but work had other ideas. So I bought it tonight when I got home. Thanks for this, Mike. You let us know about it,kept us up to speed on the sale,and provided the link and discount to boot. Appreciate all you do at TOP World HQ!

Ok, I'm going to order a copy....BUT...PLEASE, PLEASE post several more photos of that book stand ! I can build one for my 92 year old Mom from a couple good photos, but the one with the book you posted doesn't show enough detail for me to work with.




Bit of a letdown, Mike!

Ain't just Americans in the world, and American photography ain't the acme of it all...

Suspect given international postage rates, said book could cost well over US$75.00 to ship to Canada (and even more elsewhere) Believe anything over a certain weight requires special documentation as well; something to do with the terrorist fear as I recall.
I for one shall not be purchasing same, too many hard cover publcations on hand as it is.

However Mike I would still like to contribute
to your coffers in spite of a 70¢ Canadian dollar. As you may recall sent money to your old address in Wisconsin; might you be able to send me your current New York State address, under seperate cover?

:-( ... :-( ... :-( ...

Should be fair not posting until you sort that out ... Sorry my shouting. Where is my voodoo doll?

:-( ... :-( ... :-( ...

Ordered a copy. Looks like a great book for the price. It will also double as a free weight for exercise and a press for my fiber prints.

Done! Thank you, Mike. You've taken the time to seek out a real treasure - something that I could not have easily done, given the reality of my day-to-day job.

I look forward to adding this to the other history of photography tomes I have. Authors such as Jonathan Green, John Szarkowski and Susan Songtag (and others) have all informed my understanding of this dynamic medium.

This looks to be a rich addition - and at a terrific price. Again, thank you, Mike!

So I told myself reading your prior posts on this, that if it was a book I was interested in, and under $50, I'd get one.

Done and done! Thanks!!

I'm in Canada, ordered one and both my Canadian address and order were accepted. But shipping cost was USD 65.00 though. Ouch!

No International shipping, someone is working on it, but that takes time, and the Museum reports lots of orders. How likely will it be that there are still books available once all the people involved will eventually agree on International Shipping?

I pray, very seriously, that there will still be copies left on my payday this Friday. I doubt it, as that's not how my life works (see the recent Panasonic 25mm disappointment) but still I'll give it a shot then.

For those desperate non-US purchasers there are always parcel forwarding services, I can't speak from personal experience but friends have used them successfully in the past.

Another Nick-not-from-the-USA would like to be informed if it's possible.

I'd like to register a vote for an international shipping option. Please. Thank you.

Just placed my order with International Shipping (Thailand) and it was seemingly accepted! Fingers crossed! (65$ shipping ain't cheap, but somehow I did not expect it cheaper.)

Glad I didn't miss out! Order has been placed.

Mike, can we do a TOP bulk European order? Once landed in the EU it will be fairly cheap to distribute. I for one would be happy to do this, and even willing to do the admin to make this a reality. Anyone else interested?

I really need to get a book stand also. Last year I got a copy of the Tashen book called Peter Beard and I will only read it when I read it is to hold it in my lap in a V formation. The book is well worth owning and has 706 pages and weighs 11 pounds! I store it on a desk laying flat as I am afraid that if put it upright on a book shelf that it will rip loose of the binding. The book is like none other in my collection and is a work of art it self. You can look at some sample pages here:

This Brit has ordered for delivery to his US-resident daughter, who will bring it over if space and weight allows on her visit in June. Failing that, I'll have to collect it on my eclipse-hunting trip in 2017.

Hugh Crawford might also like the jacket cover of the first edition (I'm fortunate to own both volumes): William A. Fraser's A Wet Night: Columbus Circle, ca. 1897-98, provides an Impressionistic intersection of painting and photography, pushing the boundaries of the (photo) technology of the times, while uncharacteristically large compared to prints of the day from Stieglitz and others.

I mean to paste this link about the briquette reference


and this about the Ford River Rouge Plant


Lest anyone think I just make this stuff up.

One of the things I love about this blog: I'm on the fence about ordering this book. But I'm likely to order a book by Peter Beard now that I've done a little digging after reading Zack S' comment.

I'll sometimes revisit a post a couple times over the course of a few days to see if any new comments have been added.


Please allow me to gush a bit, something I don't often do, except with my gf in private.

At first, I looked at this and thought Oh, from the Nelson Atkins! How nice. Has been a fine museum for as long as I can remember (form the fifties) and even better after the recent addition that both gave them wonderful new galleries and didn't create an architectural disaster like many additions. Now they can show photography on a nearly constant basis.
Then I look closer, and realize that I have seen the book in person when I viewed the exhibit. I wanted to have it so much, but just didn't have the scratch.

Wonderful book, wonderful exhibit, wonderful museum.

Thank you very much for TWO things. One, this book. Two, now I know that the Nelson-Atkins museum, a mere 4.5 hours away on highway I-70, has a great photography collection.

US$84.50 shipping to Australia, plus the US$32.50 book = US$117.00
Convert to AU$ = AU$163.51

I don't understand how The Book Depository can offer free worldwide shipping on big heavy books at bargain prices, but everyone else wants a fortune to post anything.

PS. The web shop for the book still only shows local US shipping, no international option, so even though they've emailed me a shipping price, I can't order online.

For future offers I think we need to be alerted up front that the deal will not be applicable/practical for overseas readers (where that is the case). I understand you live in the US, but the web is world wide and I'm sure you have readers from all over the globe.

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