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Wednesday, 10 February 2016


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Thanks a lot, Mike.

Catching up on TOP at my coffee shop, resulting in coughing my scrambled as I related to the dog v. dyson story. Same thing happens at my house...

Dog vs vacuum cleaner sounds like a familiar story. Dog usually wins unless somebody takes him outside to play. In a pich I will lock the dog in the basement for some emergency cleaning.

My wife pulls out the vac just about everyday. Our senior canine companion, Jazz, sheds constantly. Her black fir clumps up in corners, crannies, and nooks. Used to be she'd shed with the solstices. Our Chiweenie, Little Guy, sheds, but due to his diminutive build and amber hair, his detritus slips under the radar.

Our dogs used to make a big deal out of the vacuum cleaner. Now that Jazz is deaf, she's indifferent. And Little Guy must have had an epiphany: Hysterical barking or not, vacuum cleaners are invincible.

We contemplated purchasing a Roomba. But after some consideration, we realized it would upset Jazz. She's deaf, blind, and startles easily. We are happy to put her comfort over convenience.

Our dogs own our hearts.

Congratulations to the pups on their hard-fought victory. Nature abhors a vacuum cleaner!

We have 5 English Cockers. One is terrified of our hand held Dyson. Have no idea why and it's nothing we have orchestrated - he was 12 months old when he came here. I only have to look as though I'm picking it up and he removes himself with alacrity. Of course it's a useful tool when he insists on barking at every dog he sees on television.

...tail wagging the dog ;-)

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