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Tuesday, 12 January 2016


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Just spent way too much time reading this article, and I have to admit it is some fine scholarship. It took a lot of digging and determination to get this story. I would encourage anyone interested in the history of Photography to take the time to read it. It is both sad and interesting at the same time.

If they lived in what is now Slovenia then they were Austrians, not Germans. (Yes, we don't like the Germans very much here in Austria ;-))

I applaud Ann Marks's efforts. But this is way more than I every wanted to know about Ms. Maier! I just want the pointless legal logjam (concerning rights to her work) to be broken.


there is no place called "Modor" in Slovenia. This name could refer to the town of Modra in Slovakia. Before WW I, Slovakia was part the Hungarian half of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Hungarian name for Modra is "Modor". There were many German families in that part of Slovakia.

Slovenia is often confused with Slovakia, see http://www.local-life.com/ljubljana/articles/slovenia-slovakia

Best, Alen

I have always thought her story was equally as interesting as her photography and the Marks account just strengthen that belief.

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