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Wednesday, 06 January 2016


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Hannibal Lecter...brilliant!

Any day that has Butters pictures is, in my book, a wonderful day.

I hadn't seen the Lon Chaney impression. It's spot on.

Does he do Dick Cheney?

great dog, great name

Great photo. I don't see the connection between Butters and Quasimodo or The Phantom.

Granted, the lens likes Butters. He's star material. I hope one of the studios flies him out to LA for a screen test.

I always like seeing photos of Butters. He seems like a happy, laid-back dog as long as he has a ball and blanket nearby.

But why no love for Lulu?! Just not as photogenic?

[Lulu is hard to take pictures of. Over the now nearly 9 years I've had her I've only taken a few good pictures of her. But I do treasure those.

Mainly it's that Butters loves to be popular; Lulu is more like Greta Garbo. [g] --Mike]

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